The countryside and our little valley look immaculate and very green.  We have been blessed with a lot of rain in recent months leaving us with overflowing bridges and a very active waterfall.  This has prepared the soil for our tree planting activities at the centre.  With the assistance of Alhyrian from the permaculture site, we have planted over 14 trees including a Sichuan pepper tree and apple trees in our memorial garden and surrounding gardens.  We thank very kind donors for these very valuable trees.

We recently hosted a very popular retreat led by Choden over the Christmas/New Year period entitled The Value of Meditation in Challenging Times.  We hope that our retreat participants left here invigorated and motivated to face the future in uncertain and challenging times.

We have a number of retreats scheduled for the first half of the year and we are looking forward to more visitors this year.  Look out for Compassion & Foundations of Buddhist Practice which will be led by Samten in March. I would also recommend  Loving Awareness which will be hosted by Lucy Draper-Clark also in March, and A Mindful Break with Vera Hey at the beginning of April.  Also scheduled for April is the annual Family Easter Camp, as well as a retreat entitled Extraordinary Purification Practices with Alan.  For sure, we all need as much assistance we can get so we can go forth and conquer 2022!

Gregor, Anastasia and their two daughters, from Poland have joined Tara Rokpa as volunteers.  They are assisting with daily duties, gardening  and maintenance at the Centre.  They are also donating their time to the permaculture site.  Gregor is an accomplished photographer – so look out for updated photographs on our website.

As you may well know, we are surrounded by game farms, including along the road to Zeerust and Groot Marico.  On any given day driving around there is no game to be seen (apart from cows).  But bring overseas visitors from Poland along for the ride and lo and behold – game wherever you looked!  Our trip to Zeerust a few days back was like a trip through a game reserve and all terribly exciting.  A true South African welcome!


Hope to see you here soon.


Feb 2022