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with Lucy Draper-Clarke

As you step into this new year, what needs your loving awareness? A relationship, a project,
your work, home, or family? You may be holding sorrow for the past or anxiety about the
future. The best place to start is bringing caring attention to your own body, heart, and mind.
Time away, and time in, can return you to the ease and joy of the present moment.

This 3-night retreat is an invitation to reflect and refocus, as we reimagine a world that is
built on an ethic of care. Lucy will guide you through embodied awareness practices, including yoga, qi gong, and expressive movement, to prepare the heart-mind for meditation.



Then we’ll sit together and cultivate the innate qualities of being human – love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Finally, you can explore how to integrate these experiences into daily life.

Previous retreat participants had this to say about Lucy:

“Lucy brings to mindful movement her special warmth and generosity, together with the
qualities of a very skilled teacher. She creates an environment of complete kindness and
gentleness which in turn enables both the beginner and the more experienced to feel trulywelcome.” Carolyn Pollack

“Lucy is a warm, wise, and wonderful teacher, embodying fully the heart-mind connections she gently encourages in others. What she offers comes directly from her heart, enabling her to provide exactly what is needed spontaneously in the moment.” Joanna Monaghan


The costs include the facilitation fee, accommodation, a voluntary R60 environmental levy, and all meals and tea break snacks from supper on the day of your arrival, until lunch on the day of departure. It excludes staff tips.

   3 Nights    2 Nights
  Single-use of ensuite room (if space available):     R4,000     R3,100
  Single-use of twin/double room, shared   bathroom:     R3,800     R3,000
  Single room with shared bathroom (only 3 available):     R3,700     R2,900
  Shared Twin/double room with en suite bathroom (per person):     R3,400     R2,700
  Shared Twin/double room with shared bathroom (per person):     R3,000     R2,400
  Dormitory     R2,700     R2,200
  Camping (own tent)     R2,400     R2,000

Please do not let tight finances prevent you from coming – email us at tararokpacentre@gmail.com.


Please click here to fill in the user-friendly online booking form.

A nonrefundable, but transferrable deposit of 50% is required to confirm your space.

Your facilitator

Lucy Draper-Clarke has a doctorate in mindfulness and teacher education and loves to run retreats as well as support yoga teacher training schools. She has practised yoga for 20 years and taught yoga and mindfulness in Southern Africa since 2006, while also offering embodied practices at Wits. While doing so, she has been lucky enough to study with inspiring Buddhist mindfulness, Vinyasa yoga teachers, and Expressive Movement dance therapists. Her light-hearted and compassionate approach to teaching allows participants to explore their inner worlds through a joyful, yet transformative practice.