Making Friends with Ourselves – A Mindfulness Retreat

“She looked her demons right in the eye and said “don’t you worry…” we will become the best of friends.” – N.R. Hart We all have our “demons”. They are parts of ourselves that we don’t approve of, don’t accept, don’t like, deny, hate, fight, and do our best to conquer. What if we were [...]

Gentle Awakenings

Tara Rokpa Centre Tara Rokpa Centre, Groot Marico District, North West Province, South Africa

Awaken your body from winter hibernation during this spring retreat with gentle restorative and somatic yoga. This weekend's activities are suitable for practitioners of all levels. The benefits include releasing tension from both the body and mind, with corresponding enhancement in mind states and sleep, and increased well-being. There will be guided relaxation and visualisation [...]