PAYMENT OPTION 1 – EFT (this is our preferred option if you bank in South Africa, as it incurs no additional charges)

Bank: First National Bank
Bank Physical Address: Upper Level, Bedford Centre, Cnr Smith & Bradford St. Gardenview,  2047, South Africa
Branch: Bedford Gardens Branch
Branch code: 252155 (also known as “routing no.” or “sort code”)
Account name: Tara Rokpa Centre
Account no.: 6211 1707 157
Reference no.: “Your name, Retreat Name”
Bank tel no.: +27 (0)11 856-5600
Bank fax no.: +27 (0)11 856-5626


We use PayFast for card payments – it is a secure method of payment, similar to PayPal. This payment is both for ‘Donations’ as well as payments for retreats.

Click on the “Payments & Donations” button below to pay or donate via card.

Bank deposits are our preferred method for receiving payments because we pay a 4% fee for PayFast payments.

Please add 4%  to the amount when paying for retreats using our PayFast account.

Enter the amount (in South Africa Rands – ZAR) you wish to pay (+ 4% to cover charges for retreats) or donate, and click on “Donate”.

If this is your first time paying via credit card, you will need to first register. It’s simple – only an email address and password are required. Once you have registered, select your payment “pay via credit card” and input your credit card details.

Note: this is a 3D secure payment site verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode.

Once you have completed this, click on “Register & Pay” at the bottom of the web page.

That’s it! Well done and thank you.

Lastly, please send an email to informing us you have made a payment using PayFast and the purpose of the payment. This way we can allocate the payment correctly.