We are committed to expanding the reach of the Tara Rokpa Centre, so that more people can benefit. In order to do this, TRC is looking for committed practitioner-volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Guest relations
  • Housekeeping and décor
  • Catering and general kitchen help
  • Handy-person/builder/maintenance
  • Carpenter
  • Plumbing (particularly a ‘kalk’ expert)
  • Electrical/solar
  • Gardening/permaculture
  • Marketing and social media
  • Office and general admin

Volunteers will be required to work for a trial period (usually 1 month) before being accepted for a longer period. Ideally volunteers would stay for a minimum of 3 months, up to 6 or 12 months, so that they can take full responsibility for a key area of the retreat centre, without supervision. Volunteers will work alongside our employees, in order to ensure things run smoothly for all visitors to Tara Rokpa Centre.

Volunteers should abide by the 5 Golden Rules: No lying, stealing, killing, sexual misconduct or intoxication. It is preferable that potential volunteers already have a daily spiritual practice (meditation, yoga, prayer etc) as this can help you to live contentedly in this remote part of the country.

The work commitment is 4 hours per day, and the rest of the time you have for practice, personal activities or activities in the area.  We do require that volunteers pay R2500 per month on the recommendation of Akong Rinpoche, our spiritual director, as it is considered a special opportunity to work in a retreat centre. In the case of scarce skills or dedicated people willing to work full-time, these conditions are negotiable.

Some volunteers subsidise their stay by offering services to visitors such as massage. We do require that people be qualified and registered in the service they wish to offer. Alternatively, you may like to make items for sale in the TRC shop.

Please complete the Volunteer Application FormAny other documentation such as a CV and references, may be emailed directly to tararokpacentre@gmail.com in support of your application.

Your application will be considered by the TRC Management Committee and you will usually hear back within a month of application. Please note that you must be able to provide your own transport to and from the Centre, whether you are coming from Southern Africa or overseas.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions – please email us for the terms and conditions.