Becoming a ‘Friend of TRC’ costs as little as R150 per month. This contribution is extremely important in supporting the work of the Tara Rokpa Centre.

Once our base of Friends reaches 108 we will be able to cover 25% of our monthly running costs. The income we receive from donations and retreat fees can then be used to upgrade TRC’s current buildings and develop more accommodation and retreat facilities.

With your help we will be able to continue work on our Four Wings:

  1. Expanding our therapy programme and retreats,
  2. Bringing international dharma teachers to Africa,
  3. Supporting the local community, and
  4. Becoming a pioneer in the field of eco-building and permaculture.

Please download the membership form and send it to

Download the TRC Donor Form here

It is best if you arrange scheduled electronic payments online directly into our bank account. If you live in Botswana or overseas, you can now pay by card using Payfast. As they charge for this service, please consider paying annually, or for six months at a time. Payment details are available under TRC Payment Options.

Alternatively, if you would like to be a member of all three local centres (Johannesburg, Randburg and TRC),  then you can set up a debit order of R360 per month, which is divided between the centres. Please contact for this option.

Benefits of being a Friend of Tara Rokpa Centre:

  1. Benefitting TRC by helping with running costs.
  2. A 10% discount for accommodation on retreats and workshops, excluding facilitation fees (providing you have been a Friend for 6 months prior to the retreat).
  3. On certain tiers, you are entitled to one free, self-catering weekend at TRC…more on this to follow.
  4. We can provide tax certificates for South African taxpayers (every little bit helps!).
  5. We are considering a family membership option…more to follow.

For more information on the Friends of TRC, please email Monica Burr, champion of our Friends of TRC, at