An educational trip was organised to Johannesburg for the Tikologo and Rietvaly permaculture trainees by Sustainable Community Development NGO.  The group of young people, including 3 men and 4 women were selected as they had all been fully involved in an initial 4-day workshop held both on-site at Tikologo and at the Tirisano crèche site in Rietvaly, where a permaculture design is being drawn up for the crèche garden with the support of Rokpa International.

The permaculture ethics of  “earth care, people care, and fair share” offers the framework for a broad spectrum of activities beyond the usual concept of growing organic food. So the trip focussed on visits to a variety of places involved with different community-based initiatives including a crèche, food growing gardens, catering and preserving, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, recycling of both human and city waste, sports and art and crafts small businesses.

These visits were followed up with feedback and discussions. This will be followed up with further workshops focussed on possible initiatives both here at Tikologo and in their Rietvaly community.

Solomon Matlhala, who is a TRC employee, and Thabo Motobi, who is employed on the Tikologo permaculture site, both attended the trip. Thabo gave some feedback about the trip.


My name is Thabo. I live at Tikologo and supervise the permaculture gardens.
I was one of the group who visited Gauteng province. I learned lot of things during the four days training. It was so inspiring because we visited different communities and youth programs. The most important thing I learned is to not to give up in my career and that I must work hard and face reality. We met lot of people like the guy who trains the young people to play tennis and another man who plays a big role in boxing telling us their stories. Everything they’ve done is all about the hard work, dreams and belief in what you can do and help others.
This training helped me a lot because a young man like me can bring change. We met a lady who plays a big role to help many children at Lapeng community center. Also the youth of Kliptown inspired me with how they help and teach others. I’ve learned much about Permaculture and design so I now understand that sharing skills and knowledge to other young people and community can be a great chance to change our lives and environment.
Lots of people they think that Gauteng is a developed and better place but according to my experience is a good place but with few job opportunities. People go there to find jobs but they end up in the street doing nothing just casual jobs and easily run into trouble with drugs and alcohol.
I would like to thank all the people who gave us such an opportunity. I feel inspired to work hard at Tikologo permaculture project and help in the local community.