We heard recently that Ulrike Mueller-Glodde passed away on the 27th of April 2024 surrounded by her family in Germany after a long illness. Ulrike was a member of the Tara Rokpa Centre management committee in the early days, when TRC was called the Tara Rokpa Healthcare Centre (TRHC). Ulrike and her husband were living in Botswana at the time. As a journalist and consultant in the field of international development projects, she was tasked with doing the TRC newsletters and helping with community development projects. She attended many meditation retreats with Rob Nairn, and did the training at TRC to become a mindfulness facilitator, but her passion was the Tara Rokpa Therapy process, and she helped coordinate the regional TRT. Ulrike went on to train as a Tara Rokpa therapist after leaving Botswana and run therapy courses in Europe.

Here is a copy of the first TRC Newsletter designed and written by Ulrike almost 20 years ago. A little slice of TRC history which shows how far Tara Rokpa Centre has progressed towards the vision of Akong Rinpoche.

PS Don’t try contacting TRC using these outdated contact details, especially the telephone number that worked via the local manual switchboard.