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Autumn 2024 Update from Pippa

Autumn is approaching with cooler nights and days. I love this time of year, which isn’t as spectacular as Autumn in Europe, but leaves fall from trees, and the long grass turns brownish yellow, thereby creating a fire risk until the summer rains appear in October. The recent bright autumn full moon heralded the increased [...]

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Farewell to Ulrike

We heard recently that Ulrike Mueller-Glodde passed away on the 27th of April 2024 surrounded by her family in Germany after a long illness. Ulrike was a member of the Tara Rokpa Centre management committee in the early days, when TRC was called the Tara Rokpa Healthcare Centre (TRHC). Ulrike and her husband were living [...]

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Back to Beginnings – Tara Rokpa Therapy Retreat

By Anton Krueger, Jan 2020 An intrepid group of five from Grahamstown (Makhanda) completed their three-year Tara Rokpa Therapy “Back to Beginnings” process with a Birth Retreat from 3-9 January. TRT was developed by Akong Rinpoche for those, as he put it, who did not necessarily “have a feeling for religion”, but who still wanted [...]

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