Lunch is served at the Fierce Compassion Retreat

One has to come to the platteland to appreciate the absolute beauty and diversity of our country (#I’m Staying). Watching the news, listening to talk radio, and living in the concrete jungle just does not do it. Especially for me – I am an ex-concrete jungle rat. I have spent the last five years running a restaurant and guest house in the farming hamlet of Tonteldoos (yes you may ask – 21 kilometers from Dullstroom on the border of Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces) and now I have been blessed with the opportunity to explore and experience the North West Province, Groot Marico and the 280 hectares of land that makeup Tara Rokpa Centre.

Now here’s something different. You hear about eco-this and eco-that, self-sustainability – well all this and more is lived at TRC. There is a permaculture site and training centre, houses built of straw bales and clay, vegetable gardens, eco rehabilitation areas, and an abundance of birdlife, goggos, and the views are spectacular.

I have been here for almost two months and enjoyed hosting my first retreat over the last weekend (yes, you missed it). It was wonderful to meet such great people who arrived stressed and left with glowing auras.

I reckon it is the perfect place to go on a retreat. The setting offers you the opportunity to wind down, switch off and tune into the important things in life, almost like hitting the reset button, and with this COVID thing, do we ever have to re-evaluate!

Book yourself a retreat at TRC and come and visit me – experience our piece of peace. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tanja Camacho

December 2020