Dónal Creedon, Dec 2018

After driving for about 2.5 – 3 hours from Jhb you get onto a gravel road, then you see a sign showing you the directions to follow, then you lose mobile network reception. We arrived in the early evening, just as the sun had just set.

Immediately you get a sense of peace when you arrive at the property. There is nothing but the sound of mother nature. We received a warm welcome, were served a wholesome dinner and were shown to our rooms.

The energy I felt immediately upon arrival is one of peace and a comforting solitude. Being freed from my cell phone was and is very liberating. TRC attracts people along a similar journey, it was a place that I made new friends, people I would not have met or connected with anywhere else. The environment and atmosphere were well in line and in support of the purpose of my stay at the centre.

The was a variety of food options during my 5 days stay there, the food was always tasty, the accommodation had everything that you need.

Group meditation and dialogue sessions were amazing & spiritually enriching with Donal Creedon. This is a place that I will definitely go back to & I would recommend it for anyone in sought of embarking on a spiritual journey! I left the centre feeling liberated and empowered.

Thapelo and Tshupi

Jan, 2019