Shew, I cannot believe that January has come and gone. We have had an action packed New Year so far, with Lucy’s Think Tank group and her New Years Intention setting work shop.

We have been blessed with some delightful volunteers. Ira from Johannesburg and Susanne from Germany, are helping me to get the herb garden back in shape after it was over run with weeds! Not forgetting Werner, who pops up at weekends, to help with maintenance – he recently refurbished all of our benches.

At the moment we are busy preparing menus for the next retreat – Ava Avalos’s Heart Sutra. That will be held over the Valentine’s weekend.

Pippa has moved to her house and is very busy preparing her new gardens, and I look forward to moving to the manager’s house, where I will also be starting with my own garden.

We have also had much needed rains, and now everything is flourishing, all green and beautiful.

The walk to the waterfall

On top of the waterfall


Jock with a new friend

Chill out time

Caution: Volunteers at Work

This bench is waiting for you to visit

Brenda Shelley, Feb 2019