I’m Megan and you’ve stumbled upon my little piece in the Tara Rokpa Centre’s newsletter. For those of you whom I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet, this is me: I am called Megsi by many. I am the newly appointed Catering and Housekeeping Manager at Tara Rokpa Centre. I am a keen DIY-er. I have a puppy called Mielie. I’m not at all fond of asparagus. I love experimenting with herbal assortments. I am the creator and maker of… Well we’ll get there next. So pleased to meet you.

Now that formalities are out of the way, what I really want to share with you is the fruition of a little daydream of mine. A dream that was inspired by the earth and with the earth. A dream called MERAKI.


Meraki prepares natural botanical based skin care products that enrich the skin, nourish the mind and uplift the spirit. The whisperings of Mother Nature have guided Meraki’s unique formulations to produce a range that is positively experienced by all the senses. Through design, Meraki attempts to capture the scent, texture and colour of artfully composed elements. Each product has been mindfully created from a selection of the finest raw, organic and wild-harvested herbs, oils and minerals. Each ingredient is selected for its curative properties in aiding vital skin functions and is free from synthetics and toxins. Meraki delivers a line of vibrant facial treatments such as herbal facial steams and balms as well as wholesome spa products like bath salts and bath oil. All products are made with Meraki – love, soul and creativity.

Meraki was born out of the intention to help people benefit themselves and reconnect to their earth element. Actually Meraki was born out of a series of events. It first started when I attended a 2 day gardening workshop in Cape Town where the well-known teacher, Pat Featherstone, not only taught me how to grow herbs and veggies but shared her secrets of the abundant uses of bicarbonate of soda. Then there were times when I was flat broke and couldn’t afford household and personal items, thus out of necessity came creativity… and the use of bicarb. My interest in eco-friendly living grew, which subsequently lead me down the dusty path to TRC. As a result the Tikologo Project evolved which granted me the opportunity to frolic in the garden and daydream amongst the herbs. Following that I had the privilege of meeting Monica Burr, a lively spirit who taught me how to make my very own herbal ointment with our home grown comfrey. That was it, my mind was blown by the simple efficiency nature has to offer us. I was convinced. More books, more experiments, more, “Coen try this”. Finally there was Lucy’s New Year’s Intentions & Yoga retreat where I made the intention to commit myself to creating something of worth that could be beneficial to humans and nature. From those humble beginnings Meraki blossomed to offer various skincare products which are natural (in essence), beneficial (to beings) and respectful (to the earth).

I launched Meraki in early 2016 at TRC (on the stoep) where I had the opportunity to trial sales and responses with visitors and retreatants. Currently I am making use of TRC’s winter down time to refine some formulations and the updated products will be available from 1 July 2016. I am deeply grateful for everyone’s support in helping Meraki come to life. Thankful to everyone who bought my products and spread the benefit and even grateful to those who wouldn’t stop ‘sampling’ the hand lotion. I also appreciate the feedback I received from customers who made my day with a compliment as well as to those who pushed me to improve and make the products that much better.

Tara Rokpa Centre has become mine and Meraki’s home and the fruition of this labour of love project could mean the long term sustainability of my support for the centre. The opportunities of this endeavour are numerous – spa retreats and herbal processing weekends are things you can look out for. On top of that there is also the exciting prospect of collaborating with Tikologo to cultivate organically grown herbs for the skin care range, hence creating a very ‘local is lekker’ product.

Please join me on my journey.