Hello all!
I just returned from TRC where I spend a few days for the Mandela Volunteering Weekend, enjoying that special country place of ours. I really like to encourage you all, family, kids & friends to come out for a long weekend to relax & unwind. It is the ideal place for it.
So peaceful with fauna & flora all around you. We also have redone the complete blue-now-orange route to the waterfall which leads you through really lovely forest sections past crystal clear streams to that beautiful waterfall.
It’s a lovely time of year right now. Warmish during the day, but of course quite nippy at night, but that brilliant wood-burning stove at the Mother’s house makes up for it! The road has been graded too!
You only need to contact Sylva & Tanya at TRC will welcome you with open arms. Come & see for yourself.
And of course, it goes without saying the perfect place to practice your Dharma as well.
Eckhard, July 2023
Eckhard Drushke leads an annual Hiking and Star Gazing weekend at TRC, and also helps with the TRC hiking trails.