Time goes by so fast especially in the platteland – before you know it it’s Easter! (We have an Easter camp planned at TRC – check out our upcoming retreats). It is also one year since the word “Covid” became part of our daily vocabulary. I do have to say, we don’t experience the full impact of restrictions. We don’t have much by the way of nightlife here and certainly don’t drive around on the country roads at night.

Photo by Carlos Tischler

But at least once a week we make the shopping trip to Zeerust and it’s a mad scramble to find The Mask. This is of course if you remember before leaving TRC, otherwise the penny drops 5 minutes out of Zeerust “damn, no The Mask”. Oh and to remember to hand sanitise in every store and to wear The Mask. For you it’s a daily thing to do, not here. We do take Covid very seriously here but there has to be something that puts a smile on your face ; even if no one can see it! I think that’s what I miss most – seeing people’s smiling faces.

When I first arrived at TRC a little dog came up to me and licked my legs. My friend, who was with me at the time, said “your next dog”. The dog, Tshidi, belonged to our gardener William who lives across the road. She would appear as soon as the gong rang for mealtimes, then she took to sleeping outside my house and only going to William for meals. Soon, I had her as my shadow following me everywhere.

Long story short, she has adopted me and has moved into my house and has become quite the madam. I had to pay William for her though! In Tonteldoos (where I previously lived) I got adopted by a Rhodesian Ridgeback after his owner has passed on. Hampton moved in, selected a couch as his bed. We fell deeply in love. Hampton has since passed on, but now I wonder … has he come back as Tshidi? Sure seems so.

I hope to see you at TRC soon. Go on, make the trip!

Tanja Camacho

TRC Manager

March 2021