Over the Heritage long weekend, we hosted the awesome Dale de Klerk and his Being Me yogis for a relaxing weekend of laughter, fun, photography, and yoga. This was the first retreat that we hosted after 6 months of lockdown.

Nervously we prepped and dusted and shopped, and hoped we remembered how to do this! Tables were set out to allow for 1.5 metres per person, sanitizer sprays were distributed, rooms allocated to maximize social distancing.

And then the yogis arrived for lunch on Thursday to great excitement. Masks melted away,  friends “elbowed”, and chatted, and the retreat was underway. Some city folk, not used to the Marico dust and spiders and vegetarian food and no cell signal, settled in very quickly.

Skilfully woven around the yoga sessions were a trip to the Eye, a hike to the waterfall, a tour of the permaculture site, a talk on photography with Carl, much laughter yoga, and a lot of chatting late into the night. Also included was some retail therapy in the TRC shop by Sean, herbs from the Tikologo garden, Shwe-Shwe items from Trish, sesame salt, and Biochar toothpaste from Pippa.

We also had a little birthday celebration with cake for Sean Vinsen who turned 60 over the weekend.

And on Sunday morning after breakfast, a group of very happy and relaxed new friends left for the city, promising to be back soon.

Here are some of the comments we received:

“Peace, tranquility and friendliness”

“Dale is a fantastic teacher, fantastic food, and wonderful nature walk”

“The bedding was warm and the beds were firm. The staff was friendly and helpful. The grounds are clean and beautiful.”

“Everything ran smoothly, the food was delicious and quite sufficient. Lovely to have access to teas, coffee, fruit, biscuits, and drinks at all times.”

“The content was educational and entertaining. The teacher was fantastic with beautiful energy
and wise teachings”

Below is a selection of photos from the weekend. Thank you to Carl Ballot and the retreatants for sharing these with us.




“Cell Phone” Hill


A normal scene at retreats on top of the hill


Bernice updating the menu


Lunch with the famous atchar and sesame salt


Yoga in the Octagon






Happy Birthday Sean!


Getting ready for a swim at the eye



The photographer in action


Water lillies


Tired but happy after the swim

Late night shenanigans


Selfies at the Waterfall


Poses at the Waterfall


Meeting the ‘neighbours’


Down to some serious stuff


Tour of the permaculture site


Veggie beds

Local products


TRC Team


Marico Sunset