It has been a while since we have posted an update in the TRC newsletter. This is not due to inactivity but maybe rather over-activity. The Tikologo site is in full on spring explosion with our nursery already bursting at the seams and the herb garden looking like a little oasis in the hot and still very dry surroundings.

Herbal Tea launch

As many of you know Tikologo has been focusing on all things herbal for the last year or so and it is finally time for that work to start paying off. We will soon be launching our herbal tea brand as an eco-enterprise to help support the further development of the Tikologo project. Megan is currently feverishly blending up all kinds of herbal tea delights in an effort to finalise our blends while I have had a great time testing them all. All I can say for now is, YUM! If you would like to be kept up to date with our launch please do sign up here. We are looking for some tea connoisseurs to sample our blends and will pick a lucky few from our list of signer uppers. Don’t stress if we don’t pick you, everyone will receive a little gift for their much appreciated enthusiasm! 😉


Home-a-Herb Buyers Club

A lovely little spin off from our tea garden is that we now have a huge number of amazing herbs growing in the nursery which are desperately looking for happy homes. In an attempt to help home our little herb babies we have come up with what we think is a pretty good plan. Anyone in the Joburg area interested in our beautiful organically grown herbs click here now! This will let you sign up for our brand new and rather brilliant Home-a-Herb Club which works a little something like this:



Farmhouse Stay

We are also really excited to announce that the training centre has completed its evolution into a cosy Farmhouse Retreat which is perfect for a family weekend getaway. Yes that’s right the space is now available for casual weekend escapes and we would be oh so happy to host you. We are listing on AirBnb so go check it out and make a booking to come and visit. This would by far be the best way to see how the project is developing!


Having had our hands full for the last year we have paused all courses but will be offering, you guessed it, a few herbal themed courses next year so keep an eye on the TRC calendar and our social media pages for updates on that.

That’s it for now. May you grow well,
Coen and the Tikologo Team