Musings by Mokgadi Sekete, TRC Volunteer

Knowledge is important because it enriches our understanding of what we are confronted with. Our perception of someone else’s knowledge can sometimes take away from learning from one another. At times, knowledge may be seen to be more valuable than the human, so much that intellect has become a societal status that assigns a hierarchy of value over the human experience based on what we know. Meaning; the less a human is perceived to know, the less likely they are to be taken seriously.

Realistically, we can’t effectively judge how much people know, even our closest friends. We all see reality differently, and are walking archives of our own reality. Our library is filled with knowledge gained over the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes; every second accounted for in our ledger of records – our brain. We are all walking tapestries of lineage, heritage, culture, and that tapestry continues to be woven as these words are written and read.

Looking outside l realized that no matter who you are, where you are, and what you wake up to; there is an unmentioned rhythm that we all follow. That rhythm starts with the sun rising.

Each sunrise we experience decides how we receive the day, and over a long period of time, decides how we experience life. Thus forging  our idea of life, our identity, and the perception(s) we have on life. Each moment that passes has its own hidden treasures that we are bound to discover. If we so choose.

Watching the sun rise means watching the day come alive. All that exists instinctively knows what to do when the sun’s rays grace the first stone. All of earth’s life forms know what is required; it’s as if all beings use the sun as its centre or guide. I’ve accepted that judgement comes from the expectation I have for someone else to act in a way that fits my description, without considering their background. A background that is impossible to comprehend, because I’m not present for each and every sunrise they experience. I can have an idea, however not the full picture.

It is easy to judge because we all have our perceptions and ideas of how the world should be, depending on what side of the sunrise we have been fortunate or unfortunate to experience.

With that being said, It is not my responsibility to ‘correct’ what is external to my perception of the world or my perception or to fit with the ideas I have of the world. It is my responsibility to be open to other life forms painting their own canvas as they see fit.

It’s a different reality when I let other beings paint their own canvas. It is more rewarding because it leaves little room for ‘correction’ and more space for learning. Learning from another educates me on how life can look in their eyes, which means I also learn about myself in the process. Slowly I begin to realize that the person I am talking to doesn’t need my moral advice or knowledge imposed upon them, but rather; a healthy exchange of advice, knowledge, and who I am.

Sharing this with others from a place of non-judgement means not looking down on a person by assuming I know more and they know less, but rather hearing them, and hearing what they have to say, before casting the first stone from my glass house.

MokgadiEveryone was born with a moral compass formed by the sunrises they have had in their life. That leaves me with the faith that all living life forms already know what they should be doing, and don’t need our correction. Rather, requires us to be still, admire, and move with our own flow from the sun, because the force that is in charge of everything doesn’t lie within us. For the purpose of this entry, it lies with the sun. Hearing my own rhythm of the sun, allows me to pick up the rhythm of others.

PS After writing this entry I realized that the world doesn’t need me to fix it, what needs to be fixed is my perception of the world.