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Join us for A Writing, Being, and Meditation Retreat with Dorian Haarhoff for a weekend, with the option to extend your experience to the following Wednesday for A Stream of Words Retreat.

We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us to see their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even with a fiercer life because of our silence. W.B. Yeats

Zen (Chinese chán ‘quietude’) invites us to be present, to live, and write simply.
Pen (Latin penna ‘feather’) refers to the art of writing and to our implements.

What do writing, being, and breath share in common? They all bring alive and expand the present moment. They invoke a conversation with ourselves and others.

time to write…attend to stories… be present in bushveld, wooded valley, rest alongside perennial streams… walk amid rolling hills… stargaze… breathe… be….

Discover the writer inside you. We explore our innate creativity and imagination as we journey down the river of our lives, steady the boat and dip the oars into hidden depths.

Somewhere in this garden,
they say, a green man hides
in the camouflage of leaves and twigs.
His hair, a weeping willow, hung
in tendrils, fringes his tree-ring face…
He’s companion to the woman at the well
who trails her mint skirt to sweep the paths.
When the moon glides across ponds,
they say, the ripple of her grin
circles in undulating waves. (Dorian)

Come and source your bliss. Beginners are welcome.

Your Facilitator:

Dorian Haarhoff  is a story-teller, poet, speaker and a writing mentor. A former Prof of English Literature (Namibia) he has also taught in a Canadian faculty. Dorian facilitates writing and story-telling retreats. He is passionate about developing innate creativity and imagination. He believes in the power of stories and images to create new realities. To bring healing. To build our belonging. His wordshops are based on his workbook, The Writer’s Voice. 



The cost includes accommodation of your choice, all meals from the evening of your arrival to lunch on your day of departure, a facilitator fee, a contribution towards teacher travel, and a voluntary R60 environmental levy. Those staying for 5 nights get an extra 10% discount (already included in the price).

  2 nights   5 nights
  Camping (own tent)   R1,600   R3,000
  Dormitory   R1,800   R3,500
  Twin/double room with shared bathroom (per person):   R2,000   R4,000
  Twin/double room with en suite bathroom (per person):   R2,200   R4,400
  Single room with shared bathroom (only 3 available):   R2,400   R4,800
  Single use of ensuite room (if space available):   R2,600   R5,300

To book:

Please click here for our user-friendly online booking form.

A 50% deposit will confirm your accommodation of choice.