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“Marks on paper as a mirror for your mind”

with Jayne Pilossof and Pippa Cope


Creative art work is a large part of the Tara Rokpa Therapy process. When people begin, there is often the fear -“I can’t paint” or “ I’m not artistic”, but in this process there is no need to be an ‘artist’ – in fact that could be a disadvantage. Here we are not making pretty pictures – each mark you put on the paper is like your own unique signature – no one else will do it in quite the same way. Each painting is an expression of yourself in that moment. There is no need to paint the perfect picture we use shapes and colours to express our feelings, or an experience, and it is up to you if you share the paintings with others or not. Paint and clay are a substitute for language.


Offering yourself time to arrive, relax, restore and explore in a natural environment is a gift to yourself and helps to open up to other ways of being. The retreat will offer opportunities for relaxation and simple explorative movement, with sessions on:

1) Creative art work: We will invite you to discover your own unique way with colour and form in a free and explorative way. Creations will be done on our own but also experimenting with different ways of painting with a partner, and a group.

2) Guided relaxation sessions: To relax and heal the body and mind.

3) Simple joyful movement inquiries: To help you become more aware of body, mind and breath connections, releasing tensions and poor moving habits which often led to pain. These will be guided by Pippa, a qualified Donna Farhi Yoga teacher, with interest in somatic movement.


Please use our online booking form: https://goo.gl/forms/LGPPgRQ8tp2C5fmt1