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Meeting Samantabhadra: A Buddhist Meditation Retreat

Donal is a buddhist meditation teacher with many years experience, loved and deeply appreciated for his warmth, openness and sincerity.

1st to 22nd December 2017 (or one week options)


The aim of Buddhist teaching is to bring about freedom from ignorance and fear through the realization of our true nature (Samantabhadra). The primary cause of freedom is understanding the nature of reality but more specifically directly understanding the mind, and the ways of thought. The road to this consists traditionally of study, contemplation and meditation. This involves a change in our way of thinking and seeing.

The heart of our retreat will be meditation as taught in the Mahamudra tradition.

There will be teachings covering foundational, Mahayana and Vajrayana perspectives roughly corresponding to each week. We will address our human problems placed in the wider context of the Buddha dharma and meditation as a way of life.

The retreat is particularly suitable for those with some experience who wish to further their practice and understanding. However, beginners who don’t mind jumping in the deep end are welcome. Participants should commit to 4 hours group sitting each day. There will be time for personal practice and study.

Retreat Options

Those who wish to do part of the retreat can attend for a week or a fortnight. The weeks should correspond to the dates below. Less than one week is not acceptable. Participants should be fully committed to the program leaving behind personal demands and agendas.

The weeks are as follows:

1st to 8th December (7 nights)
8th – 15th December (7 nights)
15th – 22nd December (7 nights)

There is also a retreat from 23rd – 30th December with Donal, called ‘The Good, the True and the Beautiful’.

[Please note that all these retreats are 7 nights long – they will run from Friday to Friday.]


Please use our online booking form: https://goo.gl/forms/uj3MvbvpEDSPuTVv1

Retreat Costs

Accommodation, meals and snacks per person for 7 nights
7 nights
Single shared bathroom R5075
Twin/double en suite R4550
Twin/double shared bathroom R3850
Dormitory R3150
Camping (own tent) R2625

The retreat fee includes 7 nights accommodation (including bedding and towels), three ovo-lactarian meals a day, teas and snacks, and a contribution towards the retreat leader’s flight costs. If you would like to add a R60 environmental levy to your payment, it will be used to support the work of the Tikologo Permaculture Project.

Dana (a donation) will be accepted by the retreat leader in appreciation of his teachings.

If you are able to stay for 2 weeks, there is a 5% discount, and for 3 or 4 weeks, a 10% discount.

TRC members receive a 10% discount on all length retreats.

The retreat starts at 6pm on the first day, and ends at lunchtime on the last.

A non-refundable (but transferable) deposit of R1800 will secure your place. Please book early as Donal is a very popular retreat teacher and this retreat is expected to be fully-booked. Single occupancy of a twin room will only be possible if the retreat is not full as TRC’s primary wish is for as many people as possible to benefit from these retreats.

Although it is not guaranteed, group transport or car pooling is often organised by TRC, depending on demand. On 1st December, the minibus will leave from OR Tambo at 12 noon, so please ensure that international flights arrive before 10am, to give you time to collect your luggage and pass through immigration. On 30th December, the minibus will depart after lunch, to arrive at ORT by 5.30pm. Please book international flights to leave after 8pm.

For the weeks in between, it is unlikely that there will be enough people for the shuttle, but TRC will help with car pooling where possible. It is also possible to get the Intercape bus from Park Station to Groot Marico (around R250) and TRC can arrange a lift to the Centre for R100.