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All over the world, communities are fractured, people are growing more isolated and we feel internal dis-ease and disconnection. What can we do, in our individual and collective lives, to create a shift – a tipping point – to a more inclusive and cohesive world?

The Wisdom Traditions of Africa and the East give clear practices and guidance. Our teachers and ancestors invite us to see more clearly, to become ‘enlightened’, not simply for our own benefit, but to bring cohesion, unity and joy to the world in which we are embedded. Our happiness is the happiness of others; the joy of others transmits to us.

The impact of our actions is not always as important as our wholehearted intention. Our interconnectedness means that every action carried out with the wish to benefit others can have a far-reaching effect. We might be a parent, wanting to raise children who have the awareness and adaptability to cope with their future world, or the leader of a company or an NPO. The scale at which we work depends on our personality and our skill set. Our impact, though, can be enormous, if we keep focused on moment-by-moment actions guided by intention.

Contemplative Practices

During the Still Action ONLINE Retreat we will explore ways to move within, through a range of contemplative practices, in order to act in the world with greater impact.

Dr Ela Manga will offer Breathwork practices and many insights from her book ‘Breathe’.

Dr Lucy Draper-Clarke will share a range of sitting and movement practices, from her up-coming book ‘Awareness in Action‘. These include yoga, mindfulness and compassion practices, as well as shadow integration work.


Our wish, as your facilitators, is that by the end of the retreat, you will:

  • Feel confident with one or more inward practices, which you can commit to every day, in order to keep aligned and replenished.
  • Identify your unique offering and purpose in this world, based on your personality and skill-set.
  • Find clarity on ways to bring this into the world for the benefit of yourselves and others.
  • Connect with a like-minded community who will keep you strong when the road seems long.

Venue: ONLINE!

Tara's Waterfall

And one day, we’ll be back to use the many ‘classrooms’ at the Tara Rokpa Centre to hold the space for our inner and outer unfolding. The lack of cellphone network gives us the rare opportunity to connect deeply with the people and environment around and within us.

  • Meditation and movement sessions will take place in the earthy, nurturing space of the Octagon.
  • Discussions and connections naturally occur in the open-air dining hall, over delicious vegetarian meals.
  • The natural world, particularly the top of Tara’s Waterfall, will be the space to connect with the wisdom of nature, and give birth to our deepest aspirations for the future.


Dr Ela MangaEla Manga, author of international best seller ‘Breathe: strategising energy in the age of burnout’ is a medical doctor, author and speaker committed to conscious living and bringing heart back into the art of medicine. Her training as a medical doctor was just the first step towards her true vocation as a co-creator of health and a catalyst for change.

Dr Lucy Draper-ClarkeLucy Draper-Clarke is an educator, writer and researcher-practitioner, with a doctorate in mindfulness and teacher education. She has been teaching yoga and mindfulness for over 15 years. She is lecturing at Wits, with Drama for Life, and conducting research on Contemplative Activism.

Her current focus is on bringing yoga and mindfulness practices to those engaged in social change, such as teachers and activists, giving them the skills to alleviate stress and increase resilience, and enabling them to work with compassion, presence and joy. She runs Heart-Mind Consultancy and leads courses and retreats around Southern Africa, particularly the Tara Rokpa Centre.

A retreat participant once said, “Lucy is a warm, wise and wonderful teacher, embodying fully the heart-mind connections she gently encourages in others. What she offers comes directly from her heart, enabling her to provide exactly what is needed spontaneously in the moment.”

Her light-hearted approach to teaching allows participants to learn through a joyful, yet deeply transformative practice.



2.5 hour online retreat: R450, with R50 per person being donated to support Tara Rokpa Centre at this time.



Please click on this link to book with Marj Murray.