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The Poetry of Photography

A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being seen and experienced in the deepest sense. It is a true expression of what the photographer feels about life in its entirety.

Creating poetry not just pictures.

Photography falls somewhere between writing and painting; it is an interpretation of ideas created with the camera.

What makes a great photograph goes beyond what is just in front of you. It is a balance of both creative and technical input, a balancing of the heart and the mind.

The poetry of photography will always be more important than the mechanics of the camera. A photograph is taken both with the mind and the heart. The most sophisticated camera in the world can never replace this.

A photographer needs a short circuit between the brain and the fingertips. Things happen expected more often however more unexpected, one must be ready to catch the image the right split second because if you miss it the picture will be gone forever.

Time stands still just long enough for the shutter to capture that moment, if missed it will be gone forever.

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Your Facilitator: Brenda Shelley

I have been a photographer for more than thirty years, specialising in fashion, beauty, travel and fine art photography. As a freelance photographer in the United States of America, I worked for more than seventeen years in New York,  LA, Miami and New Mexico. I have taught photography courses both in the U.S.A and South Africa.

In 2001 I returned to South Africa to pursue my dream of living in the country and living a sustainable life style  in harmony with nature; growing lavender, sunflowers and breeding horses. We farmed full time for ten years, using all organic permaculture principles with British Alpine Milking goats and making our own goats cheese.

I am have completed  my cultural heritage tourism course to incorporate into my photography courses, specialising in the Overberg region. Photography is a way of life to me. Beyond the camera lie the mysteries of the creative life, shared by those who strive to communicate and express themselves clearly.

It is my visual diary of observations and thoughts kept on a daily basis or at regular intervals; of personal activities, reflections and feelings.

For further information please email me at dragonfly9991@gmail.com

Retreat Cost

The cost includes accommodation, facilitation and an optional environmental levy (R60). Towels and bedding are provided. To book, click here. Prices are per person.

 Per person, for the weekend 2 nights
Single shared bathroom R2 310
Twin/double en suite R2 130
Twin/double shared bathroom R1 910
Dormitory R1 690

Spirit of Place

Photography is a personal testimony a way of seeing the world, and that must be honest, using technology as a medium for capturing reality, not disturbing it. Light is the language of photography – the soul of the world.
There is no light without shadow, just as there is no happiness without pain.
A photographer interprets reality and camera captures it. You see the world and you make others see it the way you do.
A good photograph tells a story, it reveals a place, or event, a state of mind, it is more powerful than pages and pages of writing.