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History of the Nyungney Practice

The practice of Nyungney is a two and a bit days of fasting and puja, centred on the sadhana of Thousand Armed Chenrézik, who is the embodiment of the compassion of all of the Buddhas. This practice is said to be effective for the purification of karma, healing of illness and the generation of compassion and loving-kindness. It is also said that much merit is accumulated through this practice. Gelongma Palmo renounced the life of a princess in the 11th Century Afghanistan to become a Buddhist nun. Due to past karma she became very ill. She had a vision of Manjushri, who gave her the practice of Nyungney. After practicing fervently for a year, she found that her health was restored. She realised her full potential at the age of 27, and displayed many miracles.

The practice we do today has been passed down from Gelongma Palmo through generations of master-disciple transmission.

The Retreat at TRC

TRC’s retreat will consist of one pair of Nyungneys. You are welcome to stay on after the Vajra Song retreat to participate. The retreat starts with orientation on Sunday 9th September at 7pm, ending on Wednesday 12th September at breakfast. Lama Tsöndru will lead the practice in a gentle manner to accommodate physical limitations of participants.

One needs to have taken refuge in order to do the practice. It is preferable to have received the empowerment, but is not necessary for this retreat. Please bring a dorje and bell, and text (TRC version), if you have – texts will be provided for those who don’t have.

Lama Tsöndru will grant refuge in the afternoon of Sunday 9th September to those who would like to do the practice (also open for people who only want to take refuge).

Lama Tsondru NyungneysBio of Lama Tsondru

Lama Tsöndru is a disciple of Ákong Rinpoché and Tai Situ Rinpoché, and was ordained in 1987. She completed the traditional 3 year 3 month retreat twice at Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery.  In total, she has completed more than 12 years of cloistered retreat. In June 2001, Akong Tulku Rinpoché granted her the title of Lama. Lama Tsöndru is the director of Samye Ling centres in Spain, and the co-founder of Kagyu Samye Dechi Ling Monastery.

She has been teaching for more than 25 years at centres in Spain, Europe, America and Africa. Lama Tsondru is highly appreciated for her direct, clear and enjoyable way of imparting the Buddha’s teachings. Her weekly Dharma teachings in Spanish are broadcast on YouTube where she has thousands of followers. Lama Tsöndru was one of the 5 ordained Sangha members that participated in the inaugural practice of Nyungney in Africa in 2001 which consisted of 8 pairs in the Samye Dzongs of Johannesburg and Harare, which opened up the practice on the African continent.


Please complete the online booking form by clicking on this link.

Retreat Costs

 Nyungney Retreat only 3 nights
Single use of twin room R2 310
Single shared bathroom R2 250
Twin/double en suite R1 980
Twin/double shared bathroom R1 650
Dormitory R1 320
Camping (own tent) R1 020

TRC members are entitled to 10% discount.

People who are unable to participate in the actual practice would be welcome to serve the retreatants – it is said that servers accumulate as much merit as the participants.

It is considered a blessing for the Centre to hold a Nyungneys retreat. Therefore, there will be partial bursary places available for anyone unable to afford the retreat cost. Please email tararokpacentre@gmail.com to apply.

For more information about retreats, please click on this link: www.tararokpacentre.co.za/retreat-information