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The Eight Cases of Basic Goodness not to be Shunned,
a Vajra Song of Realisation by Gyalwa Gotsanpa,
with Lama Tsondru

Songs of Realisation

Songs of realisation are a particular style of teaching by realised masters, which explain the essential points of specific topics in a pithy, but light-hearted and joyful manner.  Milarepa, the famous yogi of Tibet, was renowned for teaching through song. Gotsangpa, said to be an emanation of Milarepa, was a wandering yogi who meditated in the mountains of Tibet. He became ill, but as there were no doctors or hospitals available to help him, he used his illness as a support for his meditation, and became realised. This Vajra Song of the The Eight Cases of Basic Goodness not to be Shunned by Gyalwa Götsangpa explains how circumstances that may appear negative on the surface, such as illness, negative emotions, obstacles in meditation, suffering and even death, can become a big help on our spiritual path if we understand them from the correct point of view.

Retreats with Lama Tsöndru: Dates, Times and Refuge Ceremony

This retreat will start at 6 pm on Friday 7th September, and end at lunch time on Sunday 9th September.

The Ngungney Retreat (a Tibetan Fasting Practice) will follow this weekend, from Sunday evening 9 September to breakfast on Wednesday 12 September. It is a requirement that one will need to have taken refuge in order to do the Nyungneys.

For anyone who would like to take refuge with Lama Tsondru, this will take place on the Sunday Afternoon – please book in advance for this (only for people who have not yet taken refuge).

Please book via this link.

Bio of Lama Tsöndru

Lama Tsondru




Lama Tsöndru is a disciple of Ákong Rinpoché and Tai Situ Rinpoché, and was ordained in 1987. She has completed the traditional 3 year 3 month retreat twice at Kagyu Samye Ling Monastery and has completed more than 12 years of cloistered retreat in total. In June 2001, Akong Rinpoche granted her the title of Lama. Lama Tsöndru is the director of Samye Ling centres in Spain, and the co-founder of Kagyu Samye Dechi Ling Monastery. She has been teaching for more than 25 years at centres in Spain, Europe, America and Africa where she is highly appreciated for her direct, clear and enjoyable way of imparting the Buddha’s teachings. Her weekly Dharma teachings in Spanish are broadcast on YouTube where she has thousands of followers. Lama Tsöndru was one of the five ordained Sangha members that participated in the inaugural practice of Nyungney in Africa in 2001 which consisted of 8 pairs in the Samye Dzongs of Johannesburg and Harare, which opened up the practice on the African continent.

Retreat Cost and Bookings

The retreat cost is inclusive of accommodation (sheets and towels included), three ovo-lactarian meals a day, a contribution towards Lama Tsondru’s flight costs (R400), and an environmental levy (R60). Costs below are for the weekend only, or for the full five nights with Lama Tsondru.

Dana (a donation) will be accepted by the retreat leader in appreciation of her teachings.

2 nights 5 nights
Single use of twin room R2 000 R4 310
Single shared bathroom R1 960 R4 210
Twin/double en suite R1 780 R3 760
Twin/double shared bathroom R1 560 R3 210
Dormitory R1 340 R2 660
Camping (own tent) R1 140 R2 160

TRC members are entitled to 10% discount.

Please book via this link.