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“The nature of mind is already peace.”
Thrangu Rinpoche

Our world is on fire, engulfed in endless conflict, fear, and violence. Violence and fear are everywhere at every level. According to Buddha dharma, our consciousness is afflicted at its very core. The afflicted mind is a potent cocktail of resentment and confusion. It is from this unholy mix that all conflicts arise both individual and collective.

Yet, it need not be so if we take time to listen, reflect and meditate.

The question is how does the mind free itself of its accumulated violence, cultural violence, self-protective violence, the violence of competition, the violence of authority and obedience, the violence of trying to be somebody, the violence of trying to suppress and bully oneself in order to be non-violent?

What to do?
We have to know who we are, what we are, where we are, and what it means to be a human being beyond identities. We need to see the truth directly for ourselves. It involves looking into the shadow lands of the human psyche and as well rediscovering our true nature, called Buddha nature or simply the natural state. As Thrangu Rinpoche says peace is already there. Silently waiting.

Conditions for joining the retreat

The minimum attendance is for 1 week. The entry dates are Friday 25 November or Saturday 3 December.

This is a Buddhist meditation retreat and particularly suitable for those with some knowledge and experience. However, everyone is welcome. Each person should be committed to the program and leave personal demands and agendas aside. This is essential. Ethical conduct based on Buddhist precepts and consideration for others is assumed. Activities such as offering various therapies etc for money are not permitted however it is fine to help others if needed.
If you cannot fulfill these conditions please do not come.

About Dónal Creedon

Dónal Creedon is a Buddhist meditation teacher with many years of experience, loved and deeply appreciated for his warmth, openness, and sincerity. He studied and practiced with Buddhist masters of the Kagyu practice lineage in Europe as well as in India and Nepal. This involved many years of intense retreat. Dónal also spent a number of years at the Krishnamurti Centre in Varanasi as resident Buddhist scholar. Thus the radical inquiry of Krishnamurti informs his approach.

In 2017, he published ‘The Main of Light’, a study that examines the teachings of J Krishnamurti in the light of Buddhist teachings, specifically the teachings of the Mahamudra and Dzogchen lineages. The teachings of the Buddha and Krishnamurti both explore the most profound and fundamental questions of human existence. They directly address the questions of sorrow, fear, and death, as well as the deepest meaning a human life can attain beyond the travail and illusion of dualism. They point to the sources of sorrow and the ending of sorrow, to the possibility of living a life informed by intelligence and compassion. As Dónal says: “It is my hope that this study will serve as a modest contribution to what I feel is an immensely important area of human exploration. I hope it will stimulate questions not only in Buddhist and Krishnamurti students but anyone interested in the deep problems that affect our world so grievously.”


The cost includes accommodation, all ova-lacto meals from supper on the first night to lunch on the last day, a supplement for airfares, and an optional R60 environmental levy. The cost is also inclusive of a 7.5 % discount for 2 weeks and a 15 % discount for the full retreat.
TRC members receive a further 10% discount if membership is paid up for 6 months prior to the retreat.
The cost excludes dana (an offering of appreciation to the teacher), and staff tips.

 8 nights  15 nights  22 nights
  Single use of ensuite room (if space available):   R8,300   R13,600   R18,000
  Single use of twin/double room (if space available), shared bathroom:   R7,900   R12,900   R17,000
  Single room with shared bathroom (only 3 available):   R7,500   R12,200   R16,000
  Twin/double room with en suite bathroom (per person):   R6,800   R11,000   R14,400
  Twin/double room with shared bathroom (per person):   R5,900   R9,400   R12,300
  Dormitory   R5,000   R7,900   R10,300
  Camping TRC Tent:   R5,000   R7,900   R10,300
  Camping (own tent)   R4,200   R6,500   R8,400


To Book

Please use our online booking form, which can be completed easily on a phone or tablet. A 50% deposit will secure your choice of accommodation.

Transport to/from TRC & Airport Shuttle

Estimated dates of the airport shuttle (Extra return journeys are subject to demand).

To TRC: Fri 25 November, leaving 12 pm at OR Tambo International

To TRC: Sat 3 December, leaving 12 pm at OR Tambo International

To OR Tambo International: Sunday 18 December, leaving TRC at 1 pm.

The cost for the return airport shuttle is estimated at R2000 per person. This is an extra cost, and not included above, and a 50% deposit is needed to book our place on the shuttle.

TRC will help with carpooling where possible. It is also possible to get the InterCape bus from Park Station to Groot Marico (around R350) and TRC can arrange a lift to the Centre for R150.

Please ensure that flights arrive before 10 am, to give you time to collect your luggage and pass through immigration. On the return trip, the shuttle will depart TRC after lunch, to arrive at ORT by 5.30 pm. Please book international flights to leave after 8 pm.

For more general retreat information, please click here. Or email tararokpacentre@gmail.com for more info.