The volunteer weekend at TRC took place the weekend before Mandela Day. This is a weekend in which anyone is welcome to come to the centre, and join in the fixing and/ or upkeep of the centre, to contribute their 67 minutes in Madiba month. The volunteers undertake some work on Saturday and half of Sunday, and are provided with lodging and delicious vegetarian food. Throughout the weekend the volunteers are welcome to pick which tasks they would like to do in order to help TRC. This year the volunteers picked three tasks:  rebuilding and fixing existing stairs on a walking path, cleaning up leaves/dead plant matter around the centre, as well as clearing the overgrown walking trails.

Saturday was a beautiful day. After having a delicious and nutritious breakfast, everyone started working on either rebuilding the stairs or cleaning up dead plant matter around the centre. At 1 we then had lunch, and an hour break, after which we went back to our chosen tasks. At 4 we had tea, and then we all went on the walking trails to clear away overgrown plants that were obstructing the path. Then at 7, we had supper and socialized. On Sunday we woke up to yet another gorgeous day, and proceeded with the same schedule up to lunch. During lunch we said our farewells, and headed home after a satisfactory weekend of hard work and fun.

The volunteer weekend is a lovely time to get to know good people, as well as give back to the community. It is definitely something that I look forward to every year, TRC also has an amazing atmosphere – even though you are working, you feel as though you are on holiday with your friends and family.


Thank you so much to all that attended this year and an even bigger thanks to all the staff and organisers!

Dasha Hey

July 2019