by the lazy Buddhist

Early this morning, I stood outside in the garden for a few minutes enjoying the stunning golden sunrise. I also bought a bunch of beautiful yellow roses today simply because they were the most glorious sunny colour. And Frikkie (our Dapple Dachshund) and I had quite a few cuddles just because he is one irresistible little dog! So what prompted this feel-good fest?

It was listening to an interview with Florida-based Darren Harrison who had the harrowing experience of having to land a small aeroplane WITHOUT ANY FLYING EXPERIENCE when the pilot passed out. It’s an incredible story of courage and calmness. Can you imagine? The pilot passes out mid-flight and it’s up to you to save yourself.

Isn’t this the most awesome example of Pema Chodron’s holding your seat when the going gets rough? As in the case of Darren Harrison, sometimes saving yourself cannot be done alone. It took a team of people who knew what to do and with nerves of steel to create what truly is a miracle in getting the plane safely to the ground.

As Buddhists, we too, are not alone in flying our seemingly out-of-control planes! We have Refuge to take and precious Dharma Teachers and Teachings to guide us through the bumpy bits. We have meditation methods to rely on and instructions to follow to navigate the obstacle course that is life in samsara.

This is how I came to be standing in the garden enjoying the sunrise. It is Akong Rinpoche’s seemingly simple reminder to Restore the Balance that is keeping my spirits up. Yes, times are tough, yes there is immense suffering, yes, there is kindness and joy and so much love when you look for it. So look. Every day. Look for the goodness, especially when it seems elusive. Train yourself to see it and to value each moment of positivity, no matter how fleeting the moment.

Till next time,
Tania Potter