by the Lazy Buddhist

Dharma terms are shape-shifters! I bandy around words like karma, Bodhisattva and compassion for years, when all of a sudden, something shifts and a whole new world of meaning opens up.

Recently I’ve had …how can I put this… an abundance of opportunity to discover how much easier it is to have a general wish for the happiness of all beings, than to wish well for someone troublesome standing right in front of me. It’s one thing to say the words, but to truly mean them from the heart? Not so easy!

Dharma teachings are here to help us change and improve ourselves. If we are going to become Buddhas, then we each have to make the effort to change. The obstacles we have to practice are not out there, they’re in here, in our own minds, our thoughts and words and actions.

So what happens, if like me, the ‘changing part’ is not quite achieving the awesome heights you’d hoped for? If you are not changing and improving, Drupon Rinpoche urges you to start there, by coming to understand what needs to be changed.

When we look carefully at where we are putting our efforts each day and what good is coming from it, it becomes surprisingly easy to know how we need to change. To understand what needs to be done differently.

We are learning HOW to uncover our Buddha potential,  and aligning with something exceptional. What an extraordinary undertaking!

Till next time,

Tania Potter