After the recent rains, I got into the garden to pull out weeds with yellow flowers that had taken root in the lawn. As I was pulling out the weeds just keeping ahead of me was a bee that was desperately collecting pollen. As I moved forward so did the bee to the next flower. This made me think of the different perceptions we as sentient beings have. For the bee, the weed was a source of food, while for me it was an eyesore something to get rid of.


I then thought if I had a dharma text with me, it wouldn’t be of any use to this bee. Maybe at best it would be a landing pad to take a bit of a rest on. Whereas for a human the text could be a source of how to follow a spiritual path, a valuable asset to have.

How are you perceiving the objects in your environment around you at the moment?



Alan Muller

October 2022