Dynamic sisters, Brenda Burrell and Pam Sheehan, just cycled 82km to raise money for the Lubumbashi Samye Dzong. They have almost met their target….

Thanks to the dedicated work of Akong Rinpoche, often referred to as the “African Lama”, and Rob Nairn, Buddhism has found a home in southern Africa. We have thriving Kagyu Samye Dzong Centres in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. These centres have been given a truly magnificent opportunity of a one week retreat in September 2017 in South Africa under the guidance of Tibetan Buddhist lamas Drupon Rinpoche and Kating Lama. Typically practitioners would have to travel to Nepal, India or the UK to study with Tibetan Buddhist teachers of this calibre. In August last year 200 of the Lubumbashi sangha took refuge with Minyak Rinpoche on a rare visit by a lama to their city. This centre would like to send 20 members to the Drupon Rinpoche retreat. However, most of these buddhists have meagre financial resources and will struggle to meet the travel, visa and retreat costs.

Pam Sheehan and Brenda Burrell, two sisters from Harare, Zimbabwe and both active members of the Harare Buddhist Centre wanted to help them get there! Our sangha have had a long term relationship with KSD Lubumbashi and helped raise funds for the construction of their shrine room in 2016.

After hard training hard they completed an 80 km bike ride on Thursday March 2 to help the DRCongo sangha raise funds to attend the retreat in September 2017.

The sisters have promised to shave off their hair, if they meet the target… Would you like to make sure this happens? Click here: https://www.gofundme.com/sister-act3

TRC will be delighted to welcome the 20 sangha members from the DRC to the retreat. Details will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed:  https://www.tararokpacentre.co.za/Kagyu-Sep-2017