Brenda taming the overgrown garden

A lot is going on here at TRC at the moment. As the days grow warmer and the sun begins to set later, we are busy preparing for all the exciting retreats coming up.
Lots of menu planning to be done and making sure all the houses are well prepared and comfortable. We had a lovely group of yogis earlier this month who finished their teacher training. We held a private workshop, and also hosted a number of casual visitors.

Then there was the wonderful weekend, with delightful visitors, for Anton’s Mindful Creativity retreat, with some of the participants enjoying an extended break in the open space and peacefulness of TRC. They even had a tour of the Herman Charles Bosman museum in Groot Marico, taking a packed picnic lunch to enjoy the rustic delights of Groot Marico.
We had a wonderful full moon drumming circle at the fire pit. It always enchants me how we tune into each other’s vibrations when coming together in a drumming circle. We could not have wished for a better night with perfectly clear sky filled with stars and clear view of the gorgeous full Pisces moon.
The blossoms are appearing on the trees and the cancer bush is in full bloom with its beautiful bright red flowers, greeting the perfect blue sky. Mornings are still crisp and cool but the days are getting warmer, so I practise removing layers of clothing as the day progresses.
I have also began a new compost heap, next to our zone one permaculture food garden. I built it from recycled pallets which are ideal as the animals can’t get into the pile and consume unsavoury delicacies. The chickens also came along from William’s house to assist in preparing the garden, a hint to me to get going with putting in the seedlings, so we can have flowers by summer.
There just does not seem to be enough hours in day for all the projects I plan for myself on any given day.
Pippa’s house is coming along, a lot slower than I think she had hoped. Every day she and the dogs hike over the hill to supervise the coming and goings on her building site where the builders are very busy putting in the finishing touches. Not long to go now.
Coen and Megan will be returning soon from their trip to the U.S.A. I am sure they will see a huge difference in how much has been accomplished on the house in the time they have been away. I am very much looking forward to hearing all their stories and seeing their photo’s when they arrive back.