Strawberry popcorn
Sprouts after the rain

Each night the Valley has been singing us a sweet lullaby. The harmonious hush and hum falls in the pitter-patter of a raindrop blessing. Her valley-dwellers find serenity between sheet and blanket as her melody lowers us into our slumber.

When dawn greets the day and yawns emerge from sleepy faces, we are all one coffee away from a hard-days work. So up we get, as the freshly selected eggs crack into the pan, and by the time the coffee has infused, we are ready to fill our stomachs in preparation for the day ahead.

 With farm-hats on head and drawstrings tightened, we step into the gardens, orchards and fields. The sweet smells of rain-soaked soil fill the air as we bend our backs to toil the land. Beds are prepared and seeds are sewn, with a hope in heart for yet another night of rain.

After a beautiful day spent with the land, we prepare our dinners – smoke moves through the atmosphere and families gather in the chitter-chatter of the day gone by. And sure as anything, when we all tuck in at night, the sweet Valley remembers the hard work of those who call her home, and she fills her folds with her honeyed harmonies of rain on a thirsty ground.

Jami Selikow

Zone 1 Garden – near the TRC kitchen