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Echos from an Empty Sky – Meditation Retreat with Dónal Creedon

“All things hang like a drop of dew Upon a blade of grass.” ~ W.B.Yeats This year we will continue to explore the human condition, particularly our common experience of disillusionment and disappointment in life. According to the Buddha, the source of trouble is self-grasping and in particular the afflicted mind (kliṣṭamanas). The Sanskrit word [...]

A Courageous Heart

Our minds are naturally perfect but because of our obscurations and afflictions, we have forgotten our true pure nature. The noble Tara is the embodiment of the swift and courageous compassion of all of the Buddhas, and by invoking her energy, she can swiftly liberate us from our fears by connecting us to our intrinsic courageous [...]

The Lamp that Shines the Way

with Alan Muller Atisha's most celebrated text, Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment, sets forth the entire Buddhist path within the framework of three levels of motivation on the part of the practitioner. This retreat will concentrate on the sections of the text which cover meditation and wisdom. Sessions will include guided meditations associated with [...]

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Beyond the “Beyond Violence” Retreat

December, 2022, with Dónal Creedon  by Anton Krueger, Jan 2023   This was my first time back at the TRC in three years, and I’m happy to report that everything is still standing and it’s greener than ever. There’s still a dead tree at the farm pool, but the new trees on the lawn are [...]

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Selling Water by the River – Meditation Retreat with Dónal Creedon

Selling Water by the River A Buddhist meditation and study retreat with Dónal Creedon. 4 November to 2 December 2023 “All is hazard that we have, There is nothing biding; Days of pleasure are like streams Through fair meadows gliding. Weal and woe, time doth go, Time is never turning; Secret fates guide our states, [...]

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Vajrayana Practice Weekend

with Alan Muller Please join us this Lunar New Year weekend to reconnect with practice, lineage, and old and new Dharma friends. The benefits and merits of practicing together with fellow travelers on the path are immeasurable. Alan will tell us stories, give us practical advice, and guided meditations. There will be time for walks, [...]

Extraordinary Purification Practices with Alan Muller

As a first-time visitor to Tara Rokpa Centre, it was easy for me to blend into the environment simply because of the scenery and it was what my heart had been yearning for, for a very long time. Completely different from what you get at a vacation, for me, a vacation means how do I [...]

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Study, Reflection and Meditation

with Alan Muller The Buddhist path emphasizes study, reflection, and meditation. But sometimes we neglect the study aspect. The study of Buddhist texts is somewhat different from how we normally approach the study of academic subjects. Study, in the spiritual context, is very necessary as it provides the view, the basis, the perspective needed in [...]

The Dynamic Magic of Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal

A Transforming Retreat with Melanie Polatinsky The legends of Guru Rinpoche/Padmasambhava, also called the second Buddha, are rooted in a historical figure, miraculously born, who came to Tibet in the 8th Century to bring the highest Buddhist teaching and subdue the darkness in the land. His consort and disciple, Yeshe Tsogyal recorded all these teachings [...]

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Compassion and the Foundations of Buddhist Practice

The 3rd of March is the Tibetan New Year of the Water-Tiger. The first fifteen days of the lunar year are known as the fifteen days of the Buddha's miracles, when the Buddha, who was usually reluctant to show his miraculous powers, did display miracles in order to increase the faith of his followers.

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