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It is said that the Buddha taught eighty-four thousand different methods to tame the minds of sentient beings because there were so many types of people with diverse temperaments and karmic tendencies. He taught the Dharma in three waves or Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma to suit the capacities of his students. These waves, called Yanas in Sanskrit, or Vehicles, are the means to carry one to awakening because they comprise the teachings and methods that will carry us to enlightenment, in a similar way that vehicles carry us to our destination in everyday life.

The first Turning of the Wheel, or the Hinayana is the foundational vehicle and was taught by the Buddha at the Deer Park in Sarnath. Here, the Buddha expounded on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. In these teachings, the emphasis is on renunciation, ethical conduct, and mindfulness to achieve individual liberation.

The Buddha taught the second Turning of the Wheel of dharma at Vulture Peak in Rajagriha, India. This later came to be called the Mahayana – the greater vehicle. The teachings were on Shunyata, or emptiness, and emphasized the motivation of the bodhisattvas, who vow to reach Buddhahood to help all beings through the application of the six paramitas and the meditations on emptiness.

The teachings of the third turning of the Wheel of Dharma, or the Vajrayana, the Diamond Vehicle,  were given in Shravasti and other places in India. These teachings revealed that Buddha nature is present in the minds of all sentient beings. The practices of this vehicle include mantra and deity visualization, as well as the meditations of calm abiding and insight, leading to the true nature of mind.

Usually, we don’t have time in our busy daily life to explore the different meditation practices given by the Buddha. During this weekend retreat, Alan will instruct us on some of the meditation practices from the Three Vehicles, and guide us in our practice.



The retreat will be led by Alan Muller who took refuge in 1997 with Akong Rinpoche. In 2003, he completed a one-year closed retreat under the guidance of Lama Yeshe Rinpoche at Samye Ling Monastery in Scotland. During this period, he took novice monk’s vows. Alan remained a novice monk for six years and now presents courses and retreats as a layperson. He has formed Ngondro groups since 2004 around Southern Africa.




Includes accommodation, all meals, tea, and snacks. The food is ovo-lacto vegetarian, with vegan/gluten-free options available on request. Cost is dependent on your choice of accommodation. The cost excludes Dana, an offering to the facilitator for his guidance.

Please don’t let finances prevent you from attending. Speak to us for volunteer exchanges.

  Accommodation Type   2 nights
  Camping (own tent)   R900.00
  Dormitory   R1,100.00
  Twin/double room with shared bathroom (sharing, per person):   R1,300.00
  Twin/double room with en suite bathroom (sharing, per person):   R1,500.00
  Single room with shared bathroom (only 3 available):   R1,700.00
  Single ensuite room   R1,900.00


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