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What is Dzogchen? It holds that one’s nature and true essence is able to remain unaffected by life’s trials and tribulations. What if we could be open to everything that arises and not buy into the story we automatically tell ourselves about our thoughts? Dzgochen, which means Great Perfection, is designed to awaken us and connect us to our pure nature. One doesn’t have to “do” anything in the practice. All we have to “do” is to let the thoughts that create our suffering arise and dissolve on their own. The meditation practice of the Great Perfection is specifically designed to break up these obscuring mental habits of mind. We will practise this in the beautiful surrounds of the Tara Rokpa Centre and will be blanketed in compassion and loving-kindness. “In this way the Great Perfection is the union of perfect wisdom (the recognition of our true nature) and perfect compassion (the spontaneous activity that heals the suffering of ourselves and others.)

Dr Melanie Polatinsky, psychologist and renowned Buddhist teacher, will lead this retreat. Find out more about Melanie here: http://randburg.kagyu.org.za/dr-melanie-polatinsky.

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