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A weekend of Circle Singing, TaKeTiNa, Body Percussion and Vocal Improvisation

Circle Music has the power to create a space of connection and cooperation. We learn to reconnect with ourselves and others. We give ourselves a full weekend to explore our inner rhythm, the sound of our own voice, the connecting power of the circle and us moving and sounding within that circle.

Circle Singing and Vocal Improvisation

Circle Singing is different from a traditional choir. Imagine a circle of singers, interweaving harmony, melody and rhythm in a spontaneously created world of sound. We will compose as you watch and listen, bringing every member of the circle into a cohesive whole.

Do you think that only some people out there are creative? We’ll teach you a few tools to access your own musical ideas and express them and show you that improvisation is about letting go of preconceptions. We will create a space for the exploration of everyone’s very own sound and creativity. FREEing the voice is as much about creating as it is about listening. You will deepen your experience of collaboration and blend in this session of spontaneous and collective composition.


TaKeTiNa is a musical, meditative yet lively group process for re-connecting us to the natural rhythmic ability that already lies there within us all. The body becomes the rhythm. TaKeTiNa uses voice, claps, and steps, which are gently built up sequentially in simple spacious stages, woven together to form surprisingly complex poly-rhythms. This dynamic tension between order and chaos allows you to repeatedly fall out, and then fall back into rhythm, so you become aware of any unnecessary effort you are making, and then you discover that you can just let yourself be more and more in the rhythm. In this space opposites collide: stillness and movement; emptiness and fullness; tension and relaxation, all become one. In the TaKeTiNa process, musical learning and self-development are always connected. For more info on the TaKeTiNa method, see here.

Who can come?

TaKeTiNa and Circle Singing work for everyone, regardless of level of musical ability, from beginners to professional musicians. It’s safe and fun, and nobody is in the spotlight. Everyone is simultaneously going through their own process whilst being supported by the rhythm and the sound of the group as a whole.
Come, embark on this journey with us!

Workshop Programme


Kathrin Sirtl is the main facilitator for this workshop. She is a singer, originally from Germany, who studied African Music at SOAS in London. Kathrin loves improvising and connecting with others through music and the voice. She sang in a Congolese band in Kinshasa for the last few years, and is currently building a circle music community in Gaborone. Kathrin has studied Vocal Improvisation with Rhiannon and Circle Singing with Bobby Mc Ferrin in the US, and gained some tools and inspiration from the Circle Music Community in Brazil. Kathrin and her partner learnt the TaKeTiNa method from the founder, Reinhard Flatischler and qualified as Basic TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers.

Joyce Moholoagae is a classical singer, choir leader and voice coach, who studied at London’s Royal Academy of Music. Having taught at SOAS London for years, she is now back to contribute with her experience and skill to the Southern African music scene.


Please use our online booking form, which can be completed easily on a phone or tablet. Click here.

Retreat Costs

The retreat fee includes accommodation (including bedding and towels), three ovo-lactarian meals a day, beverages and snacks,  and an environmental levy. TRC members receive a 10% discount on all retreats (if they have been members for 6 months already).

*The retreat facilitators will gratefully receive dana in appreciation for their guidance.

A 50% non-refundable, but transferable deposit will secure your place. Single occupancy of a twin room will only be possible if the retreat is not full as TRC’s primary wish is for as many people as possible to benefit from these retreats.

Twin/double room with en suite bathroom (per person): R1 380
Twin/double room with shared bathroom (per person): R1 160
Single room with shared bathroom (only 3 available): R1 560
Single use of twin/double room (if space available): R1 600
Dormitory R940
Camping (own tent) R740