So winter approaches with its offerings of warm fires and “fresh” days.  The landscape is changing, the colour of the sky is fabulous and the mornings and evenings are rather chilly (and we are still in Autumn).  Eish winter is gonna be a cold one!

Living in the countryside is a bit of a conundrum for city folk and frequently asked questions are “what do you do all day” (some days there is so much to do you need more hours in the day), “when are they going to repair the road” (… the government …) or “do you get snakes here” (yes of course, but only the best – puff adders and spitting cobras).  You got to love it – it is life in its most basic form and it is challenging and fantastic.  It also gives you the silence and a chance to breathe and absorb the beauty, peace and abundance.  It leaves you feeling truly blessed.  Come and do a private retreat, relax reflect and leave rejuvenated.

Evenings are challenging (no pub around the corner).  I spend my evenings crocheting in front of the TV – the only way I manage to stay awake.  For the last 7 years I have spent many a winter evening crocheting blankets – I donate them to “67 Blankets for Mandela Day” and they distribute them to those in need.  Absolutely love, love creating them.  I have this bond with Madiba – we share the same birth date, so this is my little bit to honour his memory.

This leads up to WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR MANDELA DAY (18 July).  If you are at a loss, we have a solution for you.  Winter is a quiet period at TRC and it offers us the opportunity to do outstanding repairs and maintenance, which are normally set aside during the busy months.  We need help!  We invite you to spend the weekend with us so that you can release you inner DIY Divaness or Dudeness.  Don’t be intimidated.  If you can use a paint brush, we have something for you to paint.  Come celebrate Mandela Day with us and in exchange for your kind contribution we are offering free accommodation, delicious vegetarian food and, of course, good company.

(Update: Sadly we had to cancel/postpone the Mandela Weekend due to Covid Travel Restrictions).

Tanja Camacho

June 2021