Invitation to Lease the TRC Training Centre House and/or Permaculture Site

Akong Rinpoche’s Vision for Tara Rokpa Centre and the Training centre:

Akong Rinpoche, the founder of Tara Rokpa Centre,  spoke of TRC flying on the following four wings:

  1. Therapy – It is a place for healing with many different kinds of healing therapy offered, including Tara Rokpa Therapy, Yoga, Mindfulness and other modalities.
  2. Humanitarian Aid – The Rokpa motto is ‘helping where help is needed’. TRC is involved in projects such as education, permaculture, building skills and handicrafts.
  3. Dharma: TRC (Main Site) is a Buddhist retreat centre, where visiting Dharma teachers offer retreats, also long-term retreats.
  4. TRC is a place that respects and protects environmental guidelines. The area surrounding TRC to become a wildlife sanctuary in the future.

How the Training Centre Came into Being:

On a visit to TRC in about 2004, Akong Rinpoche heard that a neighbouring farmer wanted to sell his farm. After having a look at the farm, Rinpoche phoned Switzerland, and Lea Wyler of Rokpa International miraculously found the funds for Rinpoche to buy the farm before he left TRC. With Rinpoche’s blessing, the property was bought and registered under the South African Rokpa National Trust. Sometime later, a private donor bought the property on the far side of that farm on behalf of the Trust, and the Training Centre came into being.

Akong Rinpoche wanted to establish a permaculture vegetable garden and provide permaculture training at the Training Centre to grow herbs and produce for sale. The training centre would also provide training in building skills and handicrafts.

Past Activities:

The Training Centre has been used for many activities since it came into being. A well-equipped workshop was established and training programmes were offered by volunteers on woodworking and sewing in the early days. The houses at the Training Centre were also used for spill-over accommodation for larger retreats taking place at the main site. Two long-term volunteers appeared and established Zone 1 and 2 permaculture gardens and trialled a herbal product micro-industry on the site. They also upgraded the farmhouse to use for AirBnB visitors, which helped support the project. After this project came to an end, a third-party organisation ran the site for the last few years, trying to establish training programs in permaculture and building for a settled community called Rietvaly, which is about 8 km from TRC. The funding for the project has now come to an end, and the future of the Training Centre is wide open!

At present:

We are considering various options for the utilization of the Training Centre in the short to medium term. One of the possibilities we are deliberating about is leasing out the house and/or the permaculture gardens to private individuals or organisations whose values and aims are aligned with our own. The site may be used for private accommodation, as a weekend getaway, for permaculture and horticultural purposes, for micro-home industries or for training projects.

Facilities at the Training Centre:

  • Plentiful borehole water
  • Large farmhouse with attached rondavels
  • Limited workers accommodation
  • Established Zone 1 and 2 herb and vegetable gardens
  • Established peach and other fruit orchid
  • Well equipped workshop
  • Eco-pool
  • Approximately 5 hectares of zoned agricultural land


As we are guided by Buddhist ethical principles, only people who are aligned with our core values should apply. One of the core principles is no killing. Thus only very limited animal husbandry (for example keeping a few chickens for eggs) would be permitted at the Training Centre.


  • Monthly rental cost,  which would be dependent on the facilities needed;
  • Deposit and monthly Eskom costs

How to apply?

If you are interested in a sustainable way of life close to nature in the Marico Bushveld, please contact us to arrange a visit to view the site at