Tara Valley Retreat Area, a remote part of Tara Rokpa Centre, is situated in a wooded valley, surrounded by rolling hills and perennial streams. This valley was chosen by Akong Rinpoche to be set aside for closed retreats and intensive practice.

Finding time to pursue serious practice in one’s everyday busy life is often very difficult. In Tara Valley, 7 rooms have been made available to offer you the benefits of a supported retreat environment, allowing the mind to find the space and peace for effective practice.

Each of the retreat rooms has a basic shrine so you should bring your own shrine objects (offering bowls, pictures, rupas  (Buddha statues) etc.) to set up a personal shrine to support your practice.

In this retreat area you can either do personal or structured retreats (3-month Ngondro retreats and new 10-day retreats).

As the Buddha said; “In the perfect, secluded place, deep in the mountains, everything one does is good.”