Almost everything we can read, see and think about anything in the world is an illusion, most especially in the “political” world. There is no substance to it. Remember impermanence of all things, even our sun will one day die. Focus on your own heart. This means ground yourself in caring for others, for all living beings, ground yourself in your own goodness, your peacefulness, your calm inner knowing that you are fortunate to be alive, that you are loved and your presence in this world is like a precious treasure. Appreciate small things. Walk on the grass, lean against a tree, watch birds, feel the sun’s warmth, or rainfall on your skin, or watch the snowfall. Realise how mother Earth supports us all with vast generosity. Notice how bees work for the whole hive, for all of nature, offering sweetness, without expecting anything in return.
Enjoy this moment, now. Sing. Laugh. Keep positive.

Khareen Pech