The Heat came wafting through the land and decided to settle in our precious Valley. We don’t blame it, it’s really beautiful here, but we wouldn’t mind if he was simply a passing guest. Maybe a day or two, but more than that…well, we’re just not that much of a gracious host.
We did do our best to keep him happy – we continued to work but made sure to travel to water each day for a little swim, we’re sure he enjoyed watching that. We also put pitchers of iced lemon and mint water from the garden on our lunch table, he must have really loved that. And at night, we all slept on top of our bedding, perhaps that made him giggle.
When beautiful clouds began to grow in the sky, we rejoiced at the hint of Rain. But she passed over. Maybe Rain and Heat had a bit of a quarrel, we’re not sure – we don’t like to get involved in drama. So, we simply carry on, doing what we do – running this beautiful space that is Tara Rokpa Centre.
We make sure all the buildings are up to scratch – cleaning the bedding and adding small touches that welcome our guests. We continue to nurture our gardens – ensuring the environment is looked after while at the same time providing organic food for our guests. We feed all the animals – because they’re adorable and we love them.
And in the liminal spaces, we hold hope in heart that Heat and Rain resolve their conflict and merge once more in the sacred space of our Valley.  

Jami Selikow


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