By the Lazy Buddhist

On Saturday afternoon, I watched a movie that just didn’t achieve it’s potential. The script was iffy and over the top and the iffy bits were over-acted. I really should have stopped, but you know how it is, I kept watching. The gist of the story was about a creative young millennial who was doing well in the advertising world. He was given the opportunity to pitch on an advertising campaign for a conservative insurance company. With so many millennials experiencing bad parenting, – he had been raised by an emotionally-needy, single mother and absent father – he came up with the idea of having a series of ads using a role model that young people could relate to.

Long story short, he then proceeded to completely derail under the pressure and blew his big opportunity. Luckily, he was given a second chance which of course he aced. During the whole experience, basically, he grew up. He discovered that it was he, himself, who  needed to become the role model and this was the heart of his second pitch which won him the account back.

And isn’t that the Dharma path in a nutshell! We have this extraordinary path with incredible role models and precious teachers but at the end of the day, we have to mature as Dharma practitioners and step up to become role models ourselves. I remember Donal teaching this at one of his TRC retreats. Donal does the best guided meditations but a few days into the retreat he said it was was time for us to leave the safe harbour of guided meditation and tackle the deeper waters of the oceans of our minds by ourselves.

It was hard on retreat, with Donal right there, and it’s even harder to step into our beautiful Dharma shoes during a regular day, especially in the midst of the daily dramas samsara has pretty much perfected. But that is our task, to internalise and gradually become the teachings. Yoh! If a guy in a bad movie can do it, surely, we too, can learn to keep our balance when facing the pressures of life.

Till next time,

Tania Potter