We had a most wonderful Christmas miracle this year. After months of heat and drought, we were gifted 135 ml of rain! It came pouring down in a day – smashing all our streams wide open, quenching the ground’s thirst and restoring balance to our land.

With dams full, streams flowing, happy animals and humans, all that was left to do was celebrate the festivities. We had an amazing feast of nut roast and lots of tasty veggies, followed by a display of various cakes baked at TRC & brought in by some of our generous retreatants.

We shared a table together and as our bellies filled, we connected further and further. Finding common humanity at a table of people from all walks of life is something that takes place every weekend at TRC. It’s truly wonderful, and we do hope that in time, all of you reading this, will get to experience this with us. And on this note, we wish you all a wonderful New Year celebration – may all your greatest aspirations come to fruition in the years to come.

With love,
Tara Rokpa Centre

Here you can see a happy frog bouncing around at TRC during the rain, which reminds of the following quote by Chamgon Kentin Tai Situ Rinpoche:

“Every sentient being is equal to the Buddha”