Volunteering at TRC

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Volunteers needed at TRC

We are committed to expanding the reach of the Tara Rokpa Centre, so that more people can benefit. In order to do this, TRC is looking for committed practitioner-volunteers for the following positions:

  • Administrator
  • Bookkeeping
  • Housekeeping manager
  • Catering manager and general kitchen help
  • Handy-person/builder
  • Carpenter
  • Plumbing and solar (particularly ‘kalk’ expert)
  • Gardening
  • Marketing (no need to stay at TRC)

We like volunteers to stay for a minimum of 3 months, and ideally for 6 months – 1 year, so that they can take full responsibility for a key area of the retreat centre, without supervision.

TRC is looking for volunteers who already have a daily practice (meditation, yoga etc) as this can help you to live happily in this remote part of the country. The work commitment is 4 hours per day, and the rest of the time you have for practice or activities in the local area. We provide free accommodation (usually a room with shared bathroom). On the recommendation of Akong Rinpoche, we request a contribution of R2500 per month towards food (or R200 per day for shorter periods) as it is considered a special opportunity to work in a retreat centre. In the case of scarce skills or people willing to work full-time, these conditions are negotiable.

Some volunteers subsidise their stay by offering services to retreat visitors such as massage. Alternatively, you may like to make items for sale in the TRC shop, depending on your skill area.

Please complete the Volunteer Application Form via this link: https://goo.gl/forms/ANPTTno0G4dGY0MW2

You are also welcome to contact the office on tararokpacentre@gmail.com if you have any questions. Your application will be considered by the TRC Management Committee and you will usually hear back within a month of application. Please note that you must be able to provide your own transport to and from the Centre, whether you are coming from Southern Africa or overseas.

Office Administrator Position

Have you ever thought that you could have just a 5 or 10 minute walk through pristine bushveld to your workplace?   No more traffic jams and smog, but a beautiful huge sky to look at and a vista of hilltops surrounding you as you take a tranquil stroll to your office….. and perhaps a swim after work in the waterfall when it gets too hot to think?!

If that sounds appealing then maybe YOU could be the next Tara Rokpa Centre office administrator! This is a vital voluntary role, which supports all TRC’s activities – environmental, spiritual, healing and community development. It’s a great opportunity to be able to practice right livelihood and contribute to the growing community of dedicated people working at TRC. And on top of all of that, you also get to meet precious teachers and benefit from their teachings.

We are looking for someone to take on part or all of the key tasks below:

  • Reception:
    • Maintain regular office hours, respond to telephone and email as well as face-to-face enquiries.
  • Administration:
    • Keep electronic and hardcopy files recording payments, booking and indemnity forms and retreat feedback;
    • Assist with mailing list;
    • Liaise with membership manager and keep membership records;
    • Keep notices updated for retreats, send out information;
    • Liaise with housekeeping, catering and management regarding bookings for retreats, maintain office year planner;
    • Provide Centre Manager with figures for salaries, write payslips and pay casual workers.
  • Bookkeeping:
    • Maintain petty cash and enter into Quickbooks, reconcile once weekly;
    • Ensure UIF is paid once monthly;
    • Capture bank accounts and reconcile monthly;
    • Assist Finance Manager on Management Committee with annual reports for the AGM, annual audit and for Management committee meetings.
  • Shop:
    • Annual stock take, price items, liaise with those holding stock in the TRC shop, order new stock in conjunction with manager.

Retreat Manager Position

The tasks have been divided in four stages:

  1. Prior retreat (usually activities that need to be undertaken on Wednesday and Thursday since most retreats start on Friday, however in case starts on Thursday these activities shift a day and have to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday)
  2. Start retreat (the first day of the retreat, most of the times Fridays)
  3. During retreat (the second and following days of the retreat, most of the times Saturdays and Sundays)
  4. Post retreat (the day after the final day of the retreat)

Now let’s get started!

Prior retreat:

  • Work with the admin staff to plan for each retreat and or casual bookings (this includes a accommodation plan, guest list including contact numbers and diet requirements)
  • Supervision of catering and needed shopping
  • The staff is aware of the events and a system of staff coverage will be in place
  • A catering plan will be in place which can be followed by the catering staff. This plan is drawn up with staff in conjunction where needed with a volunteer catering manager/centre manager for retreats and between retreat times
  • A proposed menu will be in place on the day before shopping trips to Zeerust, retreat menu day before shopping (take into account gluten free diets (no gluten free bread is available in Zeerust, vegan diets and any other dietary requests)
  • Double check accommodation after housekeeping has taken place
  • Light dusting of the accommodation in case of dust

Start retreat:

  • At the first evening meal gathering a welcome and introductory talk must be held
  • Needed accommodation and public areas are prepared for events
  • At the Octagon the mediation cushions are laid out for the appropriate amount of participants (and teacher)

During retreat:

  • Supervising catering staff
  • Deal with reported maintenance issues in rooms
  • Make sure the beverage and snack station is well stocked
  • Heat a prepared soup for the guests at night and clear up afterwards
  • Write the lunch on the menu board
  • Switch on the lights in the communal area at night and switch them off at around Nine o’clock
  • On the last day of the retreat empty the dana cash boxes, so no cash is left lying around. Dana and tips will be distributed to the appropriate people (this may involve changing SA Rand to any foreign currency for people from abroad)

Post retreat:

  • Supervision of all the accommodation and public areas to be user
  • Organising housekeeping and catering staff
  • Check accommodation houses for maintenance issues such as leaking tabs etc. James is responsible for fixing this
  • Sort out leftover food of the prepared dishes (freezer, use for lunch or throw out when necessary). Kitchen staff usually does this by themselves
  • When visitors have  left, food and electronic catering equipment will be stored in the kitchen area and all accommodation will be locked up with the lights, electricity and gas switched off
  • Clean out all rented accommodation by housekeeping (wash bedding, replace bars of soap if necessary)

Current staff:

Volunteers work alongside our employees, in order to ensure things run smoothly for all visitors to the Tara Rokpa Centre.

James : Maintenance
Trish : Kitchen
Christine : Kitchen
Kerileng : Housekeeping
Temp : If necessary

Please complete the Volunteer Application Form via this link: https://goo.gl/forms/ANPTTno0G4dGY0MW2