Thoughts Create Reality

A weekend of challenging and thought-provoking teachings and meditations that encourage our understanding of the ancient wisdom schools of Asian and western thought. Learn techniques to garden your mind and thoughts, to create a truly beneficial and fruitful reality. The retreat is facilitated by Mark Joseph, a previously very nervous and anxious person. Through mindfulness [...]

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The Heart Sutra with Ava Avalos

Weekend Workshop February 15th, 16th& 17th     Open your Heart this Valentine’s Day Weekend by immersing yourself in The HEART SUTRA. Together, in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, we will share and explore the wisdom and magic of the Heart by practicing sitting and walking meditation, yoga, dance and song. Join us as we [...]

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Be Here Now with Mark Joseph and Jo Gibbon 26 – 28 Oct 2018

A Hippy Yoga and Meditation Retreat Join Jo and Mark for a journey into the days of GROOVY VIBES, EASTERN MYSTICS and FLOWER POWER Mindfulness retreats can be a little austere & solemn... we want to get out of Jozie for a weekend with some likeminded folks & have some hippy style fun in a [...]

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