Tara Rokpa Therapy

Relax, Restore And Explore

This weekend will offer activities for replenishing yourself in the natural surroundings of the bush. Activities on offer: guided relaxations sessions mindful movement restorative poses to deepen self-care exploring your creative side through colour and form. guided walk to the waterfall tour of the permaculture centre A fireside night under the stars Time to do [...]

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Learning to Relax Training Course

This is the first of a three-part training for those in Tara Rokpa Therapy who have completed stage one of 'Taming The Tiger' & who wish to facilitate 'Learning to Relax' courses. Part Two of the course entails setting up a practice group & writing one's own experience of presenting & creating a record of [...]

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Back to Beginnings – Tara Rokpa Therapy Retreat

By Anton Krueger, Jan 2020 An intrepid group of five from Grahamstown (Makhanda) completed their three-year Tara Rokpa Therapy “Back to Beginnings” process with a Birth Retreat from 3-9 January. TRT was developed by Akong Rinpoche for those, as he put it, who did not necessarily “have a feeling for religion”, but who still wanted [...]

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