Dharma Teachings

Kagyu Practice Retreat

Please join us for a full moon weekend to reconnect with practice, lineage, and old Dharma friends. The benefits and merits of practicing on moon days are immeasurable. Lama Yeshe Rinpoche has advised us to practice the first two special foundational practices of Refuge and Bodhicitta, and Dorje Sempa. Included will be talks,  meditation sessions, [...]

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The Three Teachings Retreat with Khenpo Lekthong

"The Three Trainings" are essential teachings and instructions on ethics (morality), concentration (meditation), and wisdom. We need to develop our ethics, meditation, and wisdom in order to transform our current afflicted mental states and hence progress on the path. The Three Trainings are important both in Buddhist and worldly contexts; learning to lead a more [...]

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Retreating in December with Dónal Creedon

Tara Rokpa Centre is a supreme setting for this special retreat. Set in the dramatic scenery of the North West province - wild and wonderful – busting with all the elements of nature and with the living solidity of the Eco/ Adobe buildings - this venue established by our beloved teacher, Akong Rinpoché, made for [...]

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Living Joyfully

with Chöje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, Lama Katen and Gelongma Lhamo On this 4 day meditation retreat, Chöje Lama Yeshe Rinpoche will share with us, based on his vast and deep experience, how to cultivate genuine feelings of joy and enthusiasm. The retreat will start at lunch time on Thursday 21 March, a public holiday, [...]

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