Group Mindfulness and Compassion Retreats with Annik and Olaf

Being a loner I was apprehensive about doing a group mindfulness retreat. But I am dedicated to Rob Nairn’s Psychology of Insight Training course and the group mindfulness was presented as a continuation of this work. As it most decidedly is – even if not directly intended to be so!We were given enough theory to [...]

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We had a most wonderful Christmas miracle this year. After months of heat and drought, we were gifted 135 ml of rain! It came pouring down in a day - smashing all our streams wide open, quenching the ground's thirst and restoring balance to our land.With dams full, streams flowing, happy animals and humans, all [...]

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Seek the Truth, Seek the Truth, and Don’t Ever Forget to Seek the Truth.

This being human thing; it’s very strange. There is such a vast array of ways to do it. Some may do it in such a way that their ancestors have, and some may choose to forge a new path in search of what is meaningful, some may choose to live the same way that those [...]

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TRC is a special place. Where else in this fast-paced world do you find 280hectares of land run solely by volunteers? It’s not an impossible thing to find, but it’s definitely a rarity. This 280 hectares of land, where healing, environmental work, community support and dharma practice takes place, is strongly supported by the hard work [...]

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Stay Positive

Almost everything we can read, see and think about anything in the world is an illusion, most especially in the "political" world. There is no substance to it. Remember impermanence of all things, even our sun will one day die. Focus on your own heart. This means ground yourself in caring for others, for all [...]

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Heat & RainThe Heat came wafting through the land and decided to settle in our precious Valley. We don’t blame it, it’s really beautiful here, but we wouldn’t mind if he was simply a passing guest. Maybe a day or two, but more than that…well, we’re just not that much of a gracious host. River SwimsWaterfall [...]

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A Sweet Lullaby of Raindrops

Strawberry popcornSprouts after the rainEach night the Valley has been singing us a sweet lullaby. The harmonious hush and hum falls in the pitter-patter of a raindrop blessing. Her valley-dwellers find serenity between sheet and blanket as her melody lowers us into our slumber.When dawn greets the day and yawns emerge from sleepy faces, we [...]

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A First Time Retreat Treat

Having never been to a yoga retreat before, I approached my weekend at the Tara Rokpa Centre with equal amounts of excitement and trepidation. The theme of the retreat was Yoga and Mindfulness, but a previous title had been Yin and Yang Yoga, concepts that became familiar through our practice over the weekend. We were [...]

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Yin and Yang Yoga Fun

Nourished. Softened. Strengthened. Holding on, Letting go. Slow. Silence. Delicious. Senses, sensual and sensitive Awake, Present. Playful. Connected. These were some of the words I wrote down after the 3-day Yoga and Mindfulness retreat led by Lucy Draper-Clarke and Steven Heyman at the Tara Rokpa Centre in the Groot Marico district. Relaxing by the Farm [...]

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