Teachings, Offerings and Blessings

We were privileged to have Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, Lama Katen and Ani Lhamo with us over the long weekend in March. We were joined by many friends, eager to retreat and spend some time the presence of the Lamas. Activities included Dharma teachings with Lama Katen and Gelongma Lhamo, interviews, a slide show on the [...]

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Ethics, Conduct and Morality in Daily Life Dharma

by the lazy Buddhist During the recent visit of Lama Yeshe Rinpoche and Lama Katen to South Africa, they both spoke about the importance of being a good person. So what is a good person, particularly from a Buddhist perspective? There’s a lot of guidance out there for anyone one on the Buddhist path, the [...]

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The Heart Sutra

A Valentines’ weekend workshop By Dorcas B. Molefe The workshop was facilitated by Dharma teacher, Dr Ava Avalos, at one of the few places with clean air and clean water; a place of luxurious shades of green, on the weekend of 15 to 17 February, 2019. Dr Avalos’ profound teachings were based on Zen Buddhism, [...]

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Susan Brunner 20 May 1963 – 23 Jan 2019

Planting of a cherry tree in the food forest in memory of Susan As most of you know by now, our friend Susan died on Wednesday 23rd of January 2019. On Sunday 10 Feb, a cherry tree was planted in memory of Susan in Tatjana's food forest at TRC. Susan loved cherries - they reminded [...]

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Daily Life Dharma – Shifting Perspective

by the Lazy Buddhist Dharma terms are shape-shifters! I bandy around words like karma, Bodhisattva and compassion for years, when all of a sudden, something shifts and a whole new world of meaning opens up. Recently I’ve had can I put this... an abundance of opportunity to discover how much easier it is to [...]

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