Love by Dorcas B. Molefe

The breastbone of love Is benevolence The warm mother attribute Holding like Earth The heart of love Is compassion The strong father attribute Dressed in bright coloured plumage The primaries of love Is joy First born child-like Evident in the wagging fork tail of the drongo The secondaries of love Is equanimity The intellects’s eye [...]

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Be your rhythm, be your voice! Nov 2018

A weekend of Circle Singing, TaKeTiNa and Vocal Improvisation By Dorcas B. Molefe In the lush and green beautiful Tara Rokpa valley, on the weekend of 9 to 11 November 2018, Kathrin Sirtl accompanied by her partner offered circle singing, TaKeTiNa and vocal improvisation. The fun-filled musical workshop succeeded in bringing out pleasant surprises as [...]

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November 2018 Update from Pippa

Sitting at my desk enjoying a wonderful side-on view of the valley and bush clad hills beyond, is a treat. Yesterday’s welcome rain has brought greenery and a cool washed look to the previously parched and dry veld. The tinkling sound of the running water through the solar flow forms helps to restore the water [...]

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Daily Life Dharma #5 by the Lazy Buddhist

I went a round in the ring with impermanence the other day and I gotta tell ya, impermanence whipped my butt. Am I allowed to say butt in a Buddhist newsletter? It’s politer than the alternative I had in mind. Anyway, the lead up was typical of your average boxing match. Both parties go in [...]

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Growing Tikologo – November 2018 Update

It has been a while since we have posted an update in the TRC newsletter. This is not due to inactivity but maybe rather over-activity. The Tikologo site is in full on spring explosion with our nursery already bursting at the seams and the herb garden looking like a little oasis in the hot and [...]

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Creating Momentum through Collaboration

How do we build momentum in any community? We recognize moments worth celebrating. Many of you who hold leadership positions know, it is the sad or the bad news that comes into your inbox first. As Chair of TRC, it is usually the financial challenges and staffing problems that are brought to my attention. Yet, [...]

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Reflections on Tsunma Tsondru’s Wilderness Within

“To live in the fullness of time” ¹ Spanning almost two days, Ani Tsondru’s Wilderness Within retreat (Aug 31-Sept 2, 2018), was a container of spaciousness, nature walks, silent contemplation, poetry, and heart-centered discussions. The core modules are drawn from eco-philosopher and activist Joanna Macy’s pioneering Work that Reconnects. Having had the privilege to participate [...]

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Spring 2018 update from Pippa

After an unusually warm winter with temperatures not going below minus 9 degrees, we seem to be having an early spring, with blossoms appearing in the orchards, birds beginning to nest and the garden beginning to call for attention. Community It has been a busy month with helping folk move fencing materials, poles for building, [...]

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Daily Life Dharma by the Lazy Buddhist – Accept Thyself

I recently had a really bad day. I snapped at two undeserving people... in a row... before 8am... and, this is the worst bit, while DOING yoga... and right before stomping in to do my meditation practice. By the time I sat down in front of my shrine, I was so ashamed of my behaviour [...]

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