The Power House Radio Station

Searching for the Right Frequency Synopsis: a piece on language barriers at the Power House, and how we sometimes don't notice how differences in speech can leave room for a lot of misunderstanding. Yet,    all of that can be a catalyst for insight into a person and community, and allow for an immense sense of [...]

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Prayers for the Pandemic to Subside

The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa presented a series of Prayers for the Pandemic to Subside You can find more information on the official Kagyu website Day 1 Hello everyone. Tashi delek. I am very happy to be able to recite prayers together with all of you for the pandemic to subside. We will recite prayers for [...]

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Everything has a Life of its Own

Musings by Mokgadi Sekete, TRC Volunteer Knowledge is important because it enriches our understanding of what we are confronted with. Our perception of someone else's knowledge can sometimes take away from learning from one another. At times, knowledge may be seen to be more valuable than the human, so much that intellect has become a [...]

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The Sun sets in Jo’burg, and rises in the North West

Making the decision to become a full-time volunteer at Tara Rokpa wasn’t an easy one. Should I go, and leave my family? Will I miss my family (obviously)? Will I like it there? I know I am a loner, but am I ready for that level of solitude? I know I’ve been on retreat before, [...]

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TRC’s Statement on Covid-19

Concern for Our Community We take the health of our entire community very seriously and would like to make a clear statement on our current approach to the Covid-19 threat. We wish to take care of those who attend retreats, our staff and residents, and the local community of Rietvaly. North West Province has poor [...]

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Community Update – Summer 2020

We continue to enjoy the best summer rains we have had for many years. The rains have led to abundant growth, as well as challenges around maintenance, with leaking buildings, broken lawnmowers, electricity breakdowns on top of load shedding and often impassable dirt roads. But the saturated earth seems to be bursting with thanks. At [...]

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Daily Life Dharma – Delusions of Compassion

Never mind delusions of grandeur, I have just discovered I’m mired in delusions of compassion. I thought I had an idea of what compassion is and isn’t. I don’t! You know how, when you are doing Ngondro, or Chenrezig, simply contemplating the suffering of beings in the lower realms can bring tears to your eyes? [...]

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