Daily Life Dharma – Shifting Perspective

by the Lazy Buddhist Dharma terms are shape-shifters! I bandy around words like karma, Bodhisattva and compassion for years, when all of a sudden, something shifts and a whole new world of meaning opens up. Recently I’ve had can I put this... an abundance of opportunity to discover how much easier it is to [...]

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Re-calibrating for the year

…on retreat with Dónal Creedon at TRC – December, 2018 It always feels like there’s a lot of time on one of Dónal’s retreats. There’s an air of lightness and ease, It’s only in retrospect that you realise just how many hours of practise you’ve chalked up. I’ve been on a fair number of retreats [...]

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Think Tank Jan19

Drama for Life, a department of the University of the Witwatersrand School of Arts, launched a Think Tank in early January on African Contemplative Practices - a research platform supported by Mind and Life with South Africa's African Healers, Sangomas, Arts Therapists, Neuroscientists, Artists and Mindfulness practitioners. The group congregated at Tara Rokpa Retreat Centre [...]

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Balancing your life is “elementary”

The Elements with Pippa Cope 28 Dec 2018 - 2 Jan 2019 “Appreciate the beginners’ mind, the secret of good practice.” With these words, Dónal Creedon closed his week-long session with approximately 20 retreatants at the Tara Rokpa Center in Groot Marico. Grounding Earth During the retreat, Pippa Cope, long-term resident at the [...]

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Love by Dorcas B. Molefe

The breastbone of love Is benevolence The warm mother attribute Holding like Earth The heart of love Is compassion The strong father attribute Dressed in bright coloured plumage The primaries of love Is joy First born child-like Evident in the wagging fork tail of the drongo The secondaries of love Is equanimity The intellects’s eye [...]

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Be your rhythm, be your voice! Nov 2018

A weekend of Circle Singing, TaKeTiNa and Vocal Improvisation By Dorcas B. Molefe In the lush and green beautiful Tara Rokpa valley, on the weekend of 9 to 11 November 2018, Kathrin Sirtl accompanied by her partner offered circle singing, TaKeTiNa and vocal improvisation. The fun-filled musical workshop succeeded in bringing out pleasant surprises as [...]

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